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Billions of people live on the planet Earth. And each of us probably values most what we have done ourselves. For a baby, it’s the first step without mother’s help, for a first-former it’s the first excellent mark, and as for adults, they value more serious goals and more considerable success.

However, there is one thing that we also value, although we haven’t done it ourselves – we’ve just received it. It’s so dear to us that usually we don’t want or even can’t part with it. It’s our name.

Both male and female names appeared for a good reason. They were chosen for us by our parents. And, most probably, they chose it thoroughly and fastidiously, with some meaning. A name received by a child is his or her first success in life!

If you want to know the meaning behind your name chosen by your parents or you’re choosing a name for your baby, our website will help you to find this information.

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