SynonymsDenyse, Deneece, Denice, Deniece, Denisa, Denisse

The name Denise is of ancient Greek origin. Translated, it means “to be devoted to Dionysus”. The name can be either feminine or masculine in Europe and the USA.

The owner of the name Denise has a complex and even ambiguous nature. She knows how to be very strong-willed, independent, to some extent egocentric, strives to be a leader and take the first place everywhere. But the feminine essence does not leave her: she is a dependent, vulnerable, emotional woman who wants to find her protector and be loved. She will reveal her secret only to the one chosen one, and for everyone else Denise will remain a strong leader without disadvantages.

In childhood Denise's high susceptibility is often the reason for her changeable mood. She will be torn between her aspirations to be the first and the best and her need for protection and safety. Eventually Denise will get over it and, closer to adolescence, will learn to be responsible for herself. Parents should be patient and take a sincere interest in the girl's affairs in order to strengthen her self-confidence.

It would be desirable for Denise to have brothers and sisters. She could have been an excellent teacher, proud of her role as a senior and the respect she would arouse from her juniors. She likes to be a leader and it is often in a team that Denise can fully reveal this side of her character.

Denise's curiosity allows her to always discover something new, she loves to learn; the girl is often self-taught. She values friendship, can listen carefully to others and be a trusted person, it is to her that people turn for advice and comfort.

Denise's reticence can be mistaken for coldness. She is hardly satisfied with the role of the mother of the family, because the owner of this name is ambitious and fully realizes herself when her life is filled intellectually and socially. As a leader in a couple, it will not be easy for her to find a partner, because she will not miss the opportunity to challenge her lover if he does not act the way she wants.

Denise prefers professions where strict rules are not required, like an athlete, designer, actress or artist. Teaching can be one of the best options because it is there that she will be able to prove herself as a mentor and find an individual approach to each student.

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