SynonymsAleksia, Alexis, Alexus, Aleksiya, Aleksy, Alexa, Alessia, Alesia
DiminutiveLexi, Lexia, Lexie, Lexine, Lexus, Lexy

The name Alexia comes from the Greek “alexo”, meaning “to protect”. In modern language, the name was also transformed into a shortened version – Alexa. In Russian, the derivative form of Aleksina, which was borrowed from the French language, is also used, although quite rarely.

The paired male name is Alexey. In Italy, a variant of the name is used – Alessia (Alesia). Short addresses Lesya, Alesya are also independent names.

The owner of the name Alexia is a reserved girl. He is often an introvert, likes to talk about philosophical topics, always asks himself a lot of questions. She knows how to analyze well, so she may be interested in exact sciences, the financial sphere. If Alexia does not use her intelligence to the full, it can depress her, bring her to melancholy and depression. One of the ways to avoid this can be her passion for sports, immersion in creativity.

In friendship, she sees a deep meaning, avoids superficial relationships. Alexia has an unusual character. With her shyness and emotionality, she is ill-prepared for life's difficulties. She avoids confrontations and withdraws into herself at the slightest pressure.

As a child, Alexia is emotionally very fragile, she is constantly looking for support in the family. Dreams and reflections often distract her, the tendency to ask herself questions begins to manifest itself in childhood. And she really needs answers to these questions. At school, this is a very diligent student, as if the girl was created for studying!

Sentimental Alexia is very difficult to realize her dream of an ideal marriage, so she may prefer solitude, which does not exclude the relationship as a whole.

It is not easy for her to realize her aspirations, it is difficult to adapt or accept the existing social orders. This leads to the fact that Alexia chooses her own path, can choose a highly specialized or avant-garde profession associated with the latest methods or research (for example, artificial intelligence, psychometry).

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