SynonymsLuke, Lukas, Louka, Luc, Luka, Luca, Lucca
DiminutiveLuc, Luki, Luli

The name Lucas comes from the ancient Greek name Λουκᾶς derived from the Latin “lux”, meaning “light”.

This name sounds differently in different countries. In England, Germany, France, and Spain boys are called Luke, Lukas, or Lucas; in Italy it’s Luca; in Ukraine, Belorussia, Poland, and Czech Republic it sounds like Lukash; in Russia it’s Luka while in northern countries it’s Lucas and in Scotland it’s Lukes.

Female forms of this name, Luce and Lucia, are used in Italy.

Lucas is a man of action with firm principles. He sticks to his convictions so much that he becomes stubborn. It is especially evident in men born in winter. Thanks to his great intuition, Lucas can have a presentiment of a situation, but he doesn’t come to conclusions quickly basing on his presentiments. Lucas tries to analyze the consequences with a cold mind, but in the end, he listens to his heart. It’s not surprising that success comes early to him, at the age of about twenty-five. He easily starts a new business, although sometimes Lucas lacks self-control and can’t finish what he has started. Lucas can spend all his life chasing fame and awards.

Lucas born in winter is very impulsive and has a difficult disposition. However, he tries to balance it by hiding his feelings. Still, a “winter’ Lucas often acts thoughtlessly. A “summer” Lucas is characterized by independence and secluded character. One of his hobbies is winter fishing.

Lucas has zero tolerance to any lies or tricks. He tries not to do that himself and he can’t stand when other people do it. If Lucas tries to be cunning, which happens very rarely, he does it for selfish reasons. He often contemplates on the problem of human relationships, he knows psychology well, and he has a fine appreciation of his interlocutor. Lucas feels falseness in the slightest change of the voice tone. His analytical mind also helps him to detect insincerity.

Lucas is not without vanity, and he has his own ambitious pursuits. Maybe, sometimes he is not skilled enough, but he treats work as necessary and he uses good judgement to achieve his goals. This helps Lucas to get rather good results. He is especially good in the fields that require diligence and calm reasoning.

In most cases, a man with this name has a happy marriage and several sons. He values his family and protects it. Lucas is often brought up in a very religious family, so he has high moral principles. If he finds a clever and determined woman, he will live a peaceful life. A clever wife can take control of his wild energy. His future wife should not only be smarter than him but also possess a great number of good qualities, including patience and forgiveness for her loved one. The woman that stays with Lucas when everybody else leaves him can be the one for whom he will change something in his life.

Despite his moral principles, Lucas is often unfaithful to his wife, having affairs with several women at the same time. These relationships may seem very beautiful, but in fact they are insincere. Although Lucas can continue cheating on his wife his whole life, he will throw a great scene if he doubts his wife’s fidelity.

Lucas is a good master of his home. He’s not inclined to take it out on his close ones and he rarely gets angry. Still, he can’t stand insincerity and secret betrayal from his family.

Lucas feels insincerity in people very well. A man with this name, especially the one born in summer, prefers spending his free time in the family circle. He doesn’t like noisy parties, which, in his opinion, are a waste of time. At the same time, he is really afraid of loneliness. When communicating with this man, one should remember that it’s a very logical man. Also, it’s highly likely that your argument with Lucas will turn into a conflict.

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