SynonymsMoustafa, Mustapha, Mistefa, Mostafa, Moustapha

The name Mustafa is of Arabic origin, the meaning is “the chosen one”. This name is widely used by Muslims, is an epithet of Muhammad.

The owner of the name Mustafa pleases others not only with his confidence and originality, but also with his intellectual abilities. Outwardly playful and sociable, he is happy to laugh at others in a playful way, does not like to talk about himself and retains an aura of mystery around him.

Mustafa is a dynamic, strong–willed man, has a valuable asset - the power of persuasion, which makes him able to command and take first place. He has organizational skills, and he believes that he is not worthy of being just a performer. Mustafa's practical intelligence is combined with an analytical mindset, so this man is often prone to skepticism or even irony. He may be interested in technical areas where he can use his mind and intuition.

As a child, he is an independent boy who prefers solitude and secrecy. He likes to read fairy tales, science fiction, mysticism, detective stories. It would be wise to develop a certain sense of proportion in him, since cooperation and exchange are not his main qualities in communicating with others at a young age.

With age, Mustafa becomes more sociable, more open, but first of all strives for peace and quiet, study, reflection, analysis. He is likely to be interested in advanced fields of science (computer science, engineering), but questions of religion and everything irrational also attract him with their mystery.

This restrained and hiding his strong sensitivity behind a facade of coldness man can make himself seem insensitive to others. In fact, Mustafa has strong moral values, likes to set an example and is committed to this word. Such a man is undoubtedly authoritarian and directive, this is a kind of payment for his direct and integral character.

The types of activities that may suit Mustafa are liberal professions, scientific or technical specialties. Mustafa can choose any activity, but prefers the fields of politics, creative professions and sports.

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