SynonymsLea, Leia, Lia, Leja

The name Leah is the name of a biblical character. Leah was Rachel's sister and Jacob's wife. The origin of the name Leah is not exactly established, but there is a strong possibility that the name of the biblical Leah has the same meaning as that of her sister Rachel, and is translated as «sheep», but originally goes back to the Akkadian word «cow». There is a variant interpretation of the name as «antelope», «mountain goat», «gazelle», meaning «graceful». The name Leah (Lia, Lea) is often used by Jews.

The name Leah is also a short form, a diminutive of such names as Amalia, Lilia, Sylvia, Emilia, Cornelia, Natalia, Alia, Rosalia, Adelie, Cecilia, Ophelia, Juliana and other female names.

Catholics venerate Saint Leah, the widow of Rome, who is considered the patroness of widows.

Leah can be described as a flighty, poorly organized young lady. She only cares about herself. Family and work are not in the first place for her. Her actions depend solely on her mood. The owner of such a name is distinguished by curiosity. At the same time, the girl has little interest in studying, rarely reads. It can not be called calm and peaceful. You can expect anything from Leah.

A girl usually chooses a husband older than herself. He should help her develop herself and not burden her with everyday problems. Only then will they be happy. In family life, she is prone to constancy. Even if her marriage is not going well, she will not file for divorce. Leah will be patient and try to maintain at least a semblance of family well-being.

Leah doesn't like to cook. In many ways, it shows carelessness. Household chores do not occupy the girl much. She likes to spend time with friends, visit beauty salons and go shopping. She never saves money. Leah has a lot of friends. She always shares with them the details of her life.

Leah, born in winter, is kind and stubborn. She often resorts to deception. In marriage, such a girl hardly adapts to family life. He devotes almost all his time to his own affairs. Likes to travel. He tries not to deny himself anything. This woman doesn't like to be bossy. She does not seek to impose her opinion on anyone. Shows respect for others. Leah is self-sufficient.

The summer owner of such a name is naturally melancholic. She often has problems in relationships with the opposite sex. She needs a man with a strong character. She has artistic qualities. She is able to play the helplessness and defenselessness. There are no strict rules for Leah. She is a real woman in all its manifestations.

There are two completely opposite types of owners of the name Leah. Some are pragmatic, inclined to stability, passionate about work and solving financial problems. In others, childish carelessness prevails. They are not interested in everyday life, work, money. They are not touchy. All aspirations are aimed at improving the world around us. What Leah will grow up to be depends only on her childhood.

A woman with this name is a creative person. When choosing a profession, Leah gives her preference to art. She will make a talented actress, writer, artist or scientist. All her life she strives to know something spiritual and beautiful.

By devoting herself to creativity, Leah will be able to achieve almost any goals. It seeks to destroy the imposed stereotypes about the behavior of women and their place in family life. Often she manages to do this with great difficulty. The girl loves to create and experiment. Routine is not for her.

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