SynonymsNatalia, Nataly, Nathalie, Ntaliya, Natalija, Natali, Natella, Natalina
DiminutiveNat, Naty, Natie, Natha, Talie, Nata

The name Natalie is very ancient, it was formed in the first centuries of Christianity from the Latin “Natalis Domini”, meaning “birth”, “Christmas”. The modern translation of the name is “born on Christmas”. The name Natalie has various translation options, but they are all close to the concept of “birth”.

Very often, the name Natalie is given the meaning “native”, in the sense of “dear, paternal, domestic”, as well as a more extensive concept – “birthday; place of birth, homeland; god who protects birth; genus; origin”.

In modern times, several derived names are used, variants of the name Natalie – Natella, Natalina.

A rare case, from the female name Natalie, the male name Natalius was formed. The names Noel, Natividad, Nadal, Nollig, Nedeleg are also a literal translation of the Latin names Natalis and Natalie in various languages and countries, from which the name Natalie is derived. Therefore, we can consider them related names for Natalie.

Natalie born before 2002 celebrate her name day only on September 8, the rest of Natalie can choose the name day closer to the birthday from other available dates, since in the 21st century there was a new canonization of martyrs with the name Natalie.

Natalie is very proud and stubborn. She is not afraid of work, can be quick-tempered and in anger directly expresses everything that she thinks about the offender. However, from the outside, her straightforwardness may not be obvious, Natalie looks like a modest girl. When communicating with a girl, her benevolence towards the interlocutor, complete self-confidence and even a certain sense of self-superiority certainly catches the eye.

Natalie is a natural leader. She is always in the center of attention, craves praise and approval from the people around her. In praises, Natalie draws the confidence and strength necessary to implement her plans.

Little Natasha is always cheerful. She likes to fantasize and sometimes gets carried away so that she forgets about reality. At school, she is an activist, a good student, and a willing participant in public life. Natasha is ready to do a lot just to earn praise and be the center of attention of others. The girl does not like changes, although she does not always show it. In the company of peers, Natasha is the main ringleader. She has a wild mind, very prone to comparison and analysis, so the source of her ideas is inexhaustible.

Natalya is a very gifted person by nature. In almost any field, a girl will succeed, no matter whether Natalie chooses a creative profession or takes up science. Trade is the least interesting for a girl, although she can achieve some success in business. Natalie is very attracted to travel and travel. Natalie's main driving force is her self – esteem. It helps the girl to remain active, cheerful and determined.

A girl named Natalie has a rather difficult, caustic character and does not like to be criticized and pointed out to her mistakes. She remembers well all the wrongs inflicted on her, but there is no desire for revenge in her. From the outside, the girl may seem frivolous, but in fact, Natalie has a strong will. She is pragmatic and smart, approaches everything from the material side and loves money very much. Every action the girl thinks through to the smallest detail, does not get lost in the face of difficulties. Natasha is a very balanced girl, she is economical and economical, devotes a lot of time to taking care of her loved ones.

Natalie will carefully choose the man she wants to marry. However, she does not wait long for the fairy-tale prince and marries early. A girl builds a family so that it is filled with love of life and joy. Natalie makes an excellent hostess, in addition, she always gets along well with new relatives. However, all the household members of this woman should remember about her intolerance of criticism. In fact, Natalie becomes a leader in the family, although this is not noticeable from the outside. Natalie-mother devotes a lot of her time to her children. However, she is always happy to have guests.

Natalie can be described as a very determined woman. If she has made a choice for herself, it will be very difficult to change it. Natalie does not give in to other people's influence. The reason for this is Natasha's self-confidence and lack of trust in other people. In all matters, a woman with this name manifests herself as a subjective person. In many ways, it is guided by its own intuition, makes conclusions based on the smallest signs.

In her spare time from work and family, Natalie enjoys painting or performing. Noisy companies, filled with fun and flirting – this is the most favorite atmosphere for Natalie. Sometimes Natalie uses her acting skills when choosing a profession and becomes an artist.

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