OriginGerman, Latin
SynonymsAmalia, Amelina, Emmelina, Amela, Amilia, Amilia, Amelie, Amalie, Emily, Emilia
DiminutiveAmie, Ami, Amy, Millie, Milly, Mia, Mellie, Melly, Mel

There are different versions of the name’s origin. According to the first one, the name Amelia originated from an ancient Germanic name Amalia derived from “amal”, meaning “labor”, “work”, that’s why the name Amelia can be translated as “hard-working”. In Europe this name can sound differently: Amalia, Amelina, Emmelina, Amela, or Amilia.

According to the second version, the name Amelia is a form of the name Emily that also has several versions of origin. Emily can be translated from Latin as “woman opponent” or “capable opponent”, and it is also a form of the name Emma.

There is another version saying that the name Amelia (Amalia) is a form of the name Amal which has two versions of origin. One of them states that Amal is a Hebrew name meaning “hard-working”, another one suggests that Amal means “waiting, striving, hope” in Arabic, and it is a Muslim female name.

The hypocoristics of the name, such as Emma, Malika, Lina, Lia, Mia, and Amal are also official given names.

Catholics worship Saint Amalberga (also Amalia, or Amelia), a widow and a patron saint of Ghent, a Belgian city.

Amelia is patient and modest, often secluded. She is a good judge of people. She knows how to use her outer submissiveness to earn people’s trust. She is strong-willed and has a great sense of duty. This woman achieves great success in life, but her achievements are not always a result of real efforts.

A woman with this name is attractive and popular with men. Her aim in life is to build a close-knit family. She likes children, although her sense of motherhood is rather weak. Amelia is always glad to host guests. She is a good housewife. Amelia always knows what she wants. She fulfills her abilities and talents working in educational institutions or in the field of radioelectronics. She can become a good doctor. Moreover, some women with this name achieve great results in sports.

Amelia finds time for everything and knows how to plan her day. She can’t stand compulsion. You can only persuade her to do something. Amelia has more friends among boys than girls. She has more common interests with boys as she loves sports and science fiction books. People are drawn to Amelia because of her sensitivity and kindness.

She inherits her moral qualities from her mother while in outward appearance she takes after her father. Amelia’s parents love her a lot. From the early age she spends a lot of time in the kitchen helping around the house.

Amelia is an honest and open person. She will never say unpleasant things behind someone’s back. Because of her trust and faith in people, Amelia can be deceived. She is extremely demanding. Amelia likes giving useful advice. As for her actions, she is a practical person.

An “autumn” Amelia has an entrepreneurial spirit. A “spring” Amelia can be characterized as energetic and fast-paced. A “summer” Amelia has unchallenged authority in any working team. Impeccable manners are typical of her. She can create a unique atmosphere in any group of friends.

Amelia is always positive and tries to make other people positive, too. In any situation she remains an optimistic and cheerful person. This woman never gives up and always fights for her beliefs. These qualities help her to achieve her goals even in the most difficult situations.

Her personal life is not always easy. Amelia is looking for real love. She can’t marry into money so she is waiting for her chosen one for a long time. She gets married rather late. Her first child is usually a son. Amelia enjoys household chores. Sometimes she can be too obsessed with cleanliness. She is a great cook. Her mother-in-law appreciates her skills. Amelia has wonderful relationships with her husband’s mother, she is not full of conflicts. Her home is filled with the atmosphere of calmness and well-being.

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