OriginHebrew, Arabic

The name Zamir in Arabic means “conscience”, “mind” or “secret dream”. The paired female name is Zamira.

In the Tatar language, this name has a greater number of interpretations, divided by meaning. In the first group, the interpretations are close to the concept of “conscience” or “honor”, so the name is interpreted as “a conscientious, honest person”. The second group is closer to the concept of “mind”, therefore the name is translated as “smart” or “sane”.

In Hebrew, the name Zamir means “singer”, “nightingale” or “good voice”.

The owner of the name Zamir has a certain charm. In an effort to please others Zamir is ready to use all his abilities for this: the ability to adapt, charm and intuition. He is a smart, energetic and sociable man who has a great sense of humor.

Zamir is usually very pleased with himself. As a result pride and immunity to criticism can become his main drawbacks.

As a child, he is a mischievous and cheerful boy. The child should be taught discipline and responsibility, taught to bring the work started to the end in order to avoid the development of irresponsible behavior. Zamir has a talent for learning foreign languages and it is also recommended to develop his creative potential.

In relationships this man shows refinement and tact. It is very difficult for him to make his final choice, as in an effort to find the perfect match Zamir rarely finds something that meets his expectations and dreams.

Zamir can be engaged in family business but he will more likely prefer to choose his own profession. He will be most interested in work related to communication or caring for others (medicine, diplomacy, volunteering, gastronomy and the restaurant business). Zamir may also be interested in creative professions (actor, writer or artist).

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