SynonymsKristofer, Christophe, Christie, Christy, Cristobal, Kristoffer, Christoffer
DiminutiveChip, Chris, Kit, Kris, Topher, Kester, Risto

The name Christopher has a Greek origin. This name is a two-part one. The first part is interpreted as “Christ” or “anointed”, and the second “carrier”, so the name is translated as “Christ-bearer”, “follower of Christ”, later transformed into “crusader”. Related name is Christian.

This name is most common in England and the United States, less so in Wales, Scotland or Ireland. It can also be used as a surname. Among Catholics, the name Christopher has been used since the 10th century. In English, it is often abbreviated as Chris, and sometimes as Kit. The name Christopher has been one of the most popular male names in the UK for more than 50 years, it was in the top twenty of the rating. But since 1995, interest in this name has weakened, now the name Christopher is included in the rating of the 100 most common names for boys in England.

Among Christians, the name Khristofor is most often interpreted as “carrying Christ in himself”, “honoring Christ”. In the Russian nominal tradition, this name was used mainly among the clergy and monasticism, so such a specific application made this name rarely used among the laity. By the 20th century, the name Khristofor had almost fallen out of use.

The owner of the name Christopher has a good intuition, this is a man with a strong sensitivity, but he manages to dominate his emotions quite well to such an extent that he seems calm and reserved to people around him. There is a certain duality between sociability and altruism, as opposed to introversion and egocentrism. On the one hand, Christopher needs others no less than everyone else, but on the other hand, he also needs to be alone in order to preserve his independence and his confidential world.

Socially, Christopher strives to make an impression. And if he can't claim the first place, he compensates for this by showing himself as an eccentric, energetic man with a wonderful sense of humor. The owner of the name Christopher is a curious mixture of independence (in particular, the mind, when they seem to be quite free thinkers) and dependence, mainly in the sentimental and emotional sphere, where their environment greatly contributes to their development.

As a child, Christopher often has a tendency to introversion. This is a shy and vulnerable boy who asks for attention, support and comfort. With a favorable family environment, his original and innovative side of personality will be fully established. His amazing memory is an advantage for his education, but he definitely needs motivation. Although he is quite tolerant and diplomatic, his unbridled emotions can play a bad joke with him. Christopher is very sensitive, touchy and takes everything to heart, but, on the other hand, he craves friendship and receives great friendly support.

Christopher likes to communicate, team up, cooperate and willingly accepts friendship offers, because in this way he can share his ideals and his broad views on life. He is interested in various scientific directions, but the humanities do not leave him indifferent.

In sentimental terms, this man is affectionate, the passion he has chosen will attract him, despite all the difficulties of communicating with her.If the trend of introverts wins, then Christopher will focus more on a research career (geologist, architect, statistician, librarian), a stable job (administration) or related to the earth, nature and animals. Otherwise, he will choose the areas of communication and contacts with the public.

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