SynonymsKristian, Kristen, Carsten, Karsten, Kresten, Christen, Karsten
DiminutiveChris, Krister, Christer, Kris

The name Christian is of Greek origin and comes from a medieval Latin name Christianus which means “Christian”. Other forms of this name include Christen and Kristján. The stress in the name can fall either on the first or on the last syllable. Related name is Christopher.

Danish kings and princes, Saxony governors, and many other aristocrats had this name. The female form of this name is Christina.

Christian finds a passion for life in his early years – that’s his love of technology. As the years go by, he may become a very successful scientist, technician, or engineer. Of course, among people with this name there are a lot of representatives of the humanities, working in the field of art, education, or science. However, they remain interested in technology, only now it becomes just a hobby.

Christian is capable of abstract thinking. He has a great memory and a great power of intuition. Christian is also a gifted peacemaker. He can bring peace into the most stressful situation. This man is always imperturbable and calm. In any situation he shows tolerance to any person, even the one whose actions are totally unacceptable in the context of his moral principles. Christian can accept and forgive everything or almost everything.

Talking to Christian is a great pleasure. He can keep up an easy and interesting conversation showing himself as an observant psychologist. Even if you talk to him for just a minute, you can see his inherent intelligence and tact. A man with this name is appreciated for his ability to bring people their lost inward peace and to be a shoulder to cry on.

A Christian born in winter is very stubborn and resistant to pressure. He wants absolute clarity in any affair. If this man is born in autumn, he will probably be incredibly self-controlled. He doesn’t want to make his life complicated and won’t argue about other people’s opinions, although he always has an opinion of his own on any matter.

At the same time, a man with this name is really delicate. He won’t interfere with anyone’s personal life unless it’s really necessary. Christian can control himself in any situation and remain calm and clear-thinking even in the most hopeless situation. And he easily makes people around him feel the same.

Christian is not shy in his relationships with women, he acts bravely and usually gets what he wants. This man’s marriage tends to be happy.

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