SynonymsElisabeth, Elsabeth, Elyzabeth, Elisabeth, Elizaveta
DiminutiveLizbeth, Bess, Bessie, Beth, Bettie, Betty, Betsy, Bette, Elisa, Eliza, Elissa, Elise, Elyse, Elsie, Elsa, Lisa, Liza, Lise, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzy, Luiza, Veta

The name Elizabeth is of old Hebrew origin and literally means “My God is an oath”, “worshipping God”, or “begging on God”. In Hebrew it sounds like Elisheva.

In Western Europe there is also a name Isabella (Izabel, Isabel) which is a form of a medieval Provencal name Elizabeth (Isabeu). These names were considered royal and were commonly used among the first circles.

Eliza, Lisa, Luiza, and Veta are the short forms of the name Elizabeth and its equivalents in different languages. Lately, these names have become independently used as official given names.

The name Elizabeth (Elizaveta) is widely used around the world and, in addition to European forms that have become names in their own, it also has Asian versions. For example, the name Elzira is a Kirghiz name derived from the name Elizabeth.

Capricious and authoritative, opinionated and egoistical, Elizabeth often feels unappreciated, so she comes into conflicts and behaves insanely. These are authoritative women who dream about building a small kingdom around them. Elizabeth is stubborn, envious, and boastful, she is tortured by doubts. She always has an array of problems that she shares with all her friends and acquaintances. Nevertheless, Elizabeth can be a kind and sympathetic woman with her close ones.

She is an introvert, she is secluded and doesn’t always say what she really thinks. Elizabeth can adapt to people around her. She is curious and balanced, she always gets the job done, although her interests come first. This woman is very touchy about her failures.

Elizabeth’s proneness to conflict has a negative effect on her relationships with colleagues. She enjoys weaving plots and gossiping and she prefers to be a leader in her communication with women. Actually, professional activity isn’t the most important aspect of her life. Perfect professions for Elizabeth are radio or TV reporter because these women are always interested in the latest technologies in the field of radioelectronics. Despite this, Elizabeth dreams about becoming an intelligence officer or an investigator.

The most important thing for Elizabeth is her family. She is a great housewife, she is thrifty and she is a good cook, so she often treats her husband to different culinary delights. Elizabeth has good relationships with her neighbors and she has no issues with her husband’s friends or relatives coming to visit them.

She looks for calm and peace in her family relations. The first years of Elizabeth’s married life can be characterized by strained relations with her husband, but later all her problems disappear. In her youth Elizabeth has a lot of admirers, but she usually finds happiness only in her second marriage. If she meets a loved one and becomes his wife, she will be faithful to him even if she becomes a widow.

Elizabeth enjoys attracting a shy man who doesn’t even realize what is going on. She dreams about throwing herself into her lover’s arms, but she hides her feelings and may seem rather cold as a result. This girl always looks for the best, including the choice of a partner. She looks like a charming but cunning coquette, and she enjoys bright outfits.

Elizabeth makes new friends easily. She can be capricious and egoistic with other people, so only close friends know her as a kind and balanced woman. Elizabeth has great powers of intuition which she uses to choose friends. She loves noisy parties and entertainment, however, if she has to choose between friends and family, she will always choose family.

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