SynonymsAlivia, Olyvia, Oliva, Olive, Ollie
DiminutiveOlive, Ollie, Liv, Livvy, Livvi, Livi, Livia, Oli, Olly, Olli, Ola

The name Olivia has Latin roots, originating from Latin “oliva” meaning “olive” or “olive tree”. There is a male version of this name, Olive, but it is rarely used. Most commonly, the female version is used. The name Oliver is a related name.

A catholic saint Olivia (Oliva) of Palermo had this name. She is a patron saint of an Italian city Trivigliano.

The name Olivia characterizes the person as noble, honest, and sociable. She shows determination and independence from childhood. Olivia gets good marks at school and makes good progress in all subjects. She has great memory that helps her to be successful.

As time goes by, the girl demonstrates principled and serious attitude. Olivia tries to assess any situation with an unbiased eye. Her actions are usually based on her noble life principles. She is absolutely unsentimental. If necessary, she can be harsh. Olivia takes her mistakes and failures hard, but she can always find the courage to continue what she was doing. Thanks to her persistence, diligence, and good intuition, she often achieves success.

Essentially, Olivia is quite a sociable person. She can always find common ground with other people. She is relaxed so she makes new friends easily. Olivia finds female company boring, that’s why she prefers to spend time among men. The girl with the name Olivia is uninhibited, she feels laid-back in almost any group of people.

Olivia takes a negative view of gossip, lies, and hypocrisy. She tries to avoid people with such features. Olivia is sincere, honest, and open. Straightforwardness and all-or-nothing thinking are typical of her. This woman is not inclined to show aggression and is rarely involved in conflicts. Despite her excessive honesty, Olivia still makes a lot of friends. She is always ready to help her friends if they need it.

Olivia easily falls in love, but, nevertheless, she always values her independence. She is very serious and thorough when it comes to marriage. It is important that the man she chooses is of strong character and highly intelligent. Apart from that, he must be courageous. Success at work is also important for Olivia. She seeks to build a career and develop herself as a personality. As for family life, such woman knows her own values and expects decent attitude. Olivia’s marriage is usually happy.

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