SynonymsAnabelle, Anabel, Annabella, Anabella, Amabel, Anabela
DiminutiveAna, Anna, Bella, Mabel, Anita

The name Annabelle, according to the first version, is a variant of the name Amabel, derived from the Roman cognomen Amabilis, and means “sweet“, “pleasant“,“amiable“. The name slightly changed its spelling under the influence of the name Anna. Sometimes written with one letter “n“ – Anabel, Anabelle.

According to the second version, the name Annabelle is a female name, which appeared from a combination of the name Anna, which comes from the Hebrew word for “grace“, and the word “belle“ (or from the name of Isabella), meaning “beauty“. In this context, the name Annabelle will be interpreted as “magnificent grace“. There is a variant of the name - Annabella.

The name Annabelle does not have a paired male name, which is a rather rare factor. Short addresses Mabel, Bella, Anna are also independent names.

The owner of the name Annabelle is a woman with character! Indeed, she has a very strong character, and she has absolutely no reason to envy the males. Like them, Annabelle is ambitious, courageous, impatient, and even authoritarian. She has a need - she needs to fight and strain physically. Endowed with qualities that are more often attributed to men than women, Annabelle is nonetheless sincere and loyal. Despite her straightforwardness and harshness, she knows how to seize opportunities when they arise.

She is a proud, stubborn and loyal woman. Concepts such as tact, tolerance, passivity, gentleness and weakness are unknown to her. Despite everything, Annabelle hides her emotionality and sensitivity and, in the face of adversity, especially during emotional crises, withdraws into herself and can even panic internally.

As a child, this girl is like a tomboy. But don't trust too much what you see. Behind her determination, in the depths of her soul, there is a tender and trembling heart of a restless person who, above all, seeks security. This will not stop her from being overflowing with energy. This is a sincere and honest child who loves you passionately and needs help. Take her either to sports, where she will spend her energy and get the thrill of competition, or to the theater class, where Annabelle can satisfy the need for expression. Music, painting or sculpture can also motivate her interest.

Annabelle needs to find the meaning of her life, so she is drawn to concrete, lasting and tangible achievements. She strives for success, and her chosen partner must also cope with this task. Annabelle loves long trips, she is fascinated by everything strange and beautiful, so she reads detective stories and science fiction, which helps her develop her imagination. This girl is a materialist, she knows what money is for, nevertheless, she is generous and able to part with a big round sum for the sake of those she loves.

Her personal life defies simple description. She knows what she wants, she needs to admire her partner, but she puts safety first. Annabelle can be called an owner, quite jealous and demanding. And in her jealousy, she can go too far. This girl sometimes spends without counting, especially shopping for herself, and can save a lot of money when it comes to others.

Annabelle will not want to be a housewife, she will be seduced by any career, especially related to money or business (banking, accounting, management). Work related to people (medicine, journalism, social sphere) will also be interesting to her.

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