SynonymsJolyon, Julyan
DiminutiveJools, Jules, Julek, Lian

The name Julian has Latin roots. This name comes from the patrician gens who, according to the legend, were descendants of the goddess Venus. Many Roman consuls, tribunes, and even the emperor Gaius Julius Caesar had this Roman nomen Julius/Iulius. The name Julian is a form of the name Julius which literally means “from the Julia gens” or “a supporter of Julius Caesar’s party”.

There is also another variant of the name’s translation related to the name of a summer month July. In Latin the month July (Julius) means “the month of Julius (Caesar)” or literally “curly”.

Julian can be translated from Greek as “curly”, “wavy”, or “fluffy”. The stress in the name can fall either on the first or on the last syllable. The female name Juliana (Julianna) is formed from the name Julian, and Julia is formed from Julius.

Little Julian is a very emotional child whose character is similar to his mother’s. He is obliging and clever. He’s unobtrusive when playing with other kids. Julian is a good student thanks to his great memory. He has a lot of friends. He is physically developed and can stand up for himself. He is not exactly mischievous, but sometimes he can become a troublemaker.

A boy born in winter months will probably become a leader in his class and be very picky when choosing his friends. During his school years Julian enjoys sports, dancing, and music. He prefers natural sciences although he is obviously good at exact sciences.

As he grows up, Julian’s character remains the same, only some of the traits become stronger. The young man becomes more touchy, proud, and warlike. At the same time, he is sociable and easily adapts to any environment. Wherever this man goes, he quickly makes a lot of friends. A winter Julian doesn’t only make friends but takes the lead in all the events devoting his fantasy and sense of humor. He quickly wins respect of other people by his brave actions and ability to find the way out of the most difficult situations, but he can’t stand any criticism at all and doesn’t let anyone criticize him.

From childhood, Julian is ready to protect the weak. In his actions he is guided only by his mind without paying attention to his intuition. As a result, Julian always acts sensibly, and his strong will allows him to get his way.

Julian’s distinctive features are punctuality, diligence, and obligation. This man has great imagination and good memory by nature. It’s not typical of Julian to obey others or tolerate violence. He values freedom most of all. At the same time, when he sees an obstacle Julian won’t force his way. He will probably find a bypass or wait for some time but in the end, he will get what he wants.

Long-distance travels and significant changes are not among Julian’s interests. He doesn’t like driving preferring to be a passenger. A Julian born in spring is very artistic. He changes his personality skillfully so you don’t always know whether he’s joking or speaking seriously. Among this man’s passions are such creative hobbies as drawing or woodcarving.

A man with the name Julian enjoys having guests over, but he doesn’t like visiting other people. He is an expert at telling jokes and he has a weakness for card games. Despite being sociable, Julian often loses himself in his inner world. He tries to act following moral standards instead of his emotions. His strong sense of justice makes Julian fight the evil forgetting that it may result in a tragedy. A man born in summer is very vulnerable. He takes any indiscreet remark close to heart and loses his temper easily.

It takes a long time for Julian to choose his life partner, so he gets married late. As for his future wife, he wants her to be perfect, just like in his dreams. When it comes to children, he will most likely have girls. Julian loves his kids a lot and spends plenty of time playing with them.

Julian’s career is based on his commitment to justice in everything as well as his interest to politics, medicine, and economics. Having a knack for persuasion, this man often becomes a lawyer, investigator, social worker, or a doctor. Julian can easily start his own business. He can calculate far ahead and thanks to his undoubted obligation and punctuality Julian can achieve great success in his chosen professional field. However, his inclination to inconsiderate acts in financial affairs often plays cruel jokes on him.

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