SynonymsTheodor, Teodor, Teodoro, Todor, Teo
DiminutiveTed, Teddie, Teddy, Theo

The name Theodore has Greek roots. It consists from two semantic parts “God, deity” and “gift”. Therefore the name Theodore is translated as “God-given”, “God's gift” or “gift of god”. The paired female name is Theodora.

The owner of the name Theodore is a sympathetic man. He knows how to be pleasant, cheerful and helpful. He is an impressionable young man with a good imagination, often carefully hiding his excitement. Instead of accepting the harsh realities of life, he may try to escape from them, for example, by going to another place and believing that he has thus avoided difficulties.

Despite having a developed imagination, Theodore values order and stability. He loves nature, animals and people, and is looking around for those who share his interests.

As a child, this is a hypersensitive boy who really needs help. It is important that his parents surround him with care, protect and help him to cross the boundaries beyond which he is afraid to go on his own. Theodore needs an affectionate but firm upbringing that helps him find his place in society. It would be useful to involve him in sports, which would allow him to develop a sense of solidarity and community.

Theodore is sentimental and romantic, it is difficult for him to express his feelings because of some shyness and great modesty. He remains secretive and often complains that he is misunderstood. This man values family and home.

Theodore wants to find a profession in which he would feel that he is useful. Therefore, he is attracted to the social, legal and medical spheres. A job related to travel, sales or communication with people is also interesting for him. Creative professions are very suitable for Theodore, as he can reveal his inner potential (writer, actor, artist, sculptor, architect).

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