SynonymsCharlotta, Carlotta
DiminutiveCharley, Charlie, Lottie , Tottie, Totty

The name Charlotte is derived from the French male name Charles that originated from ancient Germanic Karl. The name Carolina is a form of the name Karl. In ancient Germanic “karl” meant “person”, “free man”, or “man”, later it acquired the meaning of “king” from the name of Charles the Great. The name Charlotte can be translated as “free”.

The name Charlotte is pronounced differently in different countries. In England a girl will be called Charlotte or Charlene (Sharleen) or Cheryl, in the Netherlands it’s Charlotte, while in other European countries girls are often called Carolina (Greece, Poland). In Italy, Portugal, and Spain the name will sound like Carla, Carlotta, or Carola.

Charlotte is convinced that she knows people around her, so she is sure about her leadership. Charlotte puts all her energy into making plans that will bring her luck and happiness and putting them into action.

Charlotte’s self-respect and self-fulfillment are ensured by achievements in such aspects of life as work, home life, and material security. However, there is a risk that she will be obsessed with material and home comfort. In this case, Charlotte may lose interest in femininity, self-development, and staying with the family. She will be thinking only about keeping hold of her steady job and income, moving up the career ladder, and becoming more powerful at work. Charlotte will do anything to achieve these goals. At the same time, she has a forgiving nature and is devoid of greed and envy.

Charlotte is rather creative, she doesn’t like monotonous physical work. As her future profession, Charlotte may choose to be an interior, landscape, or fashion designer. She can choose a job related to sewing, stitching, or knitting. Also, this girl can work as an assistant, secretary, manager, arts and crafts teacher, or handiwork course leader.

To achieve true mastership, Charlotte should be engaged with creative activities from childhood. She can achieve great success in this field if she is going to give art classes or take part in different contests.

A girl with this name is quite attractive and feminine. She is a good judge of men and she prefers stability. Charlotte is willing to achieve spiritual unity with her partner. This is what she values most of all because only by achieving it, Charlotte can show her true nature, become fully satisfied, and fulfil her dream about a stable and secure family.

A family with no spiritual understanding is of no value for Charlotte. For her, such relationships pale into insignificance. Charlotte’s future husband must be a soft and kind man who understands women. He will contribute his share to the household budget without trying to shoulder all the costs.

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