SynonymsSolomeya, Solomiya, Salomi, Shlomit, Salomeja, Salomea

The name Salome is of Hebrew origin, translated as “peaceful”, “calm”. It can be written as Solomeya, Solomiya.

The spelling and pronunciation through “s” (Salomi, Salome) came from the Hellenized form of the Hebrew name Shlomit, which goes back to “shalom” (i.e. “peace”). For this reason it can be assumed that the name Salome is a paired female name to the male name Solomon, since it also has an identical interpretation.

Among Muslims, the analogue of the name Salome was the name Salma, which has various recording and pronunciation options depending on the region of use (Selma, Selmi, Selmina, Salima and others), which is also applicable to the analogue of the name Solomon - Suleiman.

The name Selma is also an independent European name, which has a different origin that is not related to the name Salome.

The owner of the name Salome is a rather friendly and charming person, she prefers to make up, so she always easily takes the first step towards reconciliation. Many can only envy her energy, courage of decisions and warlike attitude.

She can keep her mood under control despite her sensitivity and emotionality. This girl can demonstrate great moral and physical strength. Her vision of life will be broad and idealistic, and she herself will have high aspirations. Moreover, she is fragile, impressionable, dreamy and suggestible. She can fluctuate from one opinion to another; each hobby is quickly replaced by another one.

Salome is straightforward and frank in communication, she does not like pretense or injustice. Indeed, usually smiling and conciliatory the owner of this name is capable of intense anger when irritated. Salome is full of altruistic ideas and interested in helping others, but not indifferent to her own wealth. She likes to look after her appearance, wear expensive jewelry or branded clothing.

In childhood this mischievous little girl pleases everyone around her with her irrepressible energy, her sociability. It becomes noticeable that she is very receptive to her surroundings. She loves stories, fairy tales and legends, but she also needs action and contacts. Parents should not forget about collective activities.

The owner of the name Salome loves to communicate and to be in the company which she revives with warmth, generosity, her sense of humor and a cheerful mood. She adapts well, uses her intelligence and resourcefulness for this.

In personal relationships, she is often too idealistic and often sees a loved one under a veil of illusions, which one day can lead her to disappointment. Salome can be dependent on her husband, but this will not be her true nature, because this girl prefers to be the head, the one who controls the situation, so with the slightest weakness of her partner Salome will strive to regain her leadership role.

There are several professional options for the owner of the name Salome. The most obvious is working for the benefit of others, caring for children, working in medicine, be a teacher, psychologist, nanny, nurse, counselor or social worker. The areas where communication is required (commerce, secretarial services, interpretation and public relations) are suit to Salome. Areas related to business, finance or management, humanitarian activities are also open to her because this is the opportunity to implement the ambitious projects she conceives.

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