SynonymsSajan, Sayana

The name Sayan came from the name of the mountain system - the Sayan Mountains. Earlier in these places there was an ethnographic group “Sayans“, the number of which at the end of the 18th century was 25-30 thousand people. The name of this group in the Sayan dialect comes from the word “saya“, meaning “myself“. It is possible that they called the mountains “their own“, as well as themselves. In the Mongolian language, the word “saya“ is interpreted as “million“.

Among Hindus, the name Sayan is identical to Sayana, where both are masculine names and the feminine is Sayani. From Sanskrit, the name translates as “binding“. The male name Sayan is used among Buryats, Hindus. The female name Sayana is found among the Buryats, Japanese, Mongols, and Kalmyks.

A man named Sayan strives for harmony, he is an inspired, emotional and sensitive person. He needs to feel in a favorable atmosphere in order to fully communicate. Despite his outward openness, Sayan prefers to avoid society, but is able to be tactful and diplomatic when necessary. He considers sports activities to be very important, which help him get closer to harmony in life.

Sharp intuition allows him to separate facts from fiction, to be able to communicate with people, to unravel what is not said. Sayan is a supporter of justice and the law. This is a kind and selfless man, who has wonderful human qualities and a great depth of feelings.

As a child, he is a calm, sympathetic and shy boy who loves his family very much and feels a special need to be surrounded by love. Sayan values comfort as much as the peace of mind at home. He loves stories, legends, myths and genuinely enjoys music, so it would be desirable to involve him in any creative activity (theater, literature, painting, dance). Sayan is not afraid to take responsibility for his sisters and brothers, even preferring to come to him for help and advice.

Sayan strives for absolute, sometimes utopian, high ideals, so the material circumstances and harsh realities of existence can disappoint him. In his wife, he is looking for an exceptional partner, also endowed with similar life values, so it can be quite difficult to find a mate for Sayan.

The owner of the name Sayan is drawn to something original, even avant-garde. Most often, he is interested in technical areas (audio-visual, information technology, telematics, electronics). But he can also apply to the humanities (psychology, sociology, ethnology, medicine, history, advertising, marketing, law). He likes to travel, so Sayan can pursue a career in tourism or transportation. Cooking, gastronomy and hotel business are likely to tempt him, because their components are a creative approach and mandatory communication with the audience.

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