SynonymsSajana, Sayani, Sajani, Sajini

The name of Sayan among the Buryats is translated as “itself“, “its own“. This name comes from the name of the Sayan Mountains, is a pair to the male name Sayan. It is possible that the meaning of this name is close to the Mongolian “saya“, which means “million“.

In India, the name Sayana is a masculine given name, identical to the name Sayan. The female name is Sayani. It is translated from Sanskrit as “binding“.

The owner of the name Sayana is an energetic and purposeful woman who is able to take responsibility. She has ambitions, she is dynamic, active and adventurous. She has the courage to take part in risky projects or ventures. It happens that Sayana goes to extremes and has no measure, but still she is a generous person, although she does not like compromises, flattery or injustice.

Sayana is quite capable of taking a leadership position, especially if she aspires to power. She is loyal and honest, has tact and diplomacy, but, nevertheless, sometimes reacts very violently when she feels that she is being unfairly attacked or when her self-esteem is at stake.

This girl does not consider appearance to be the main advantage, but still strives to be feminine. She is flirtatious and sophisticated, appreciates expensive jewelry or luxurious clothing, and is also sensitive to external signs of wealth.

As a child, Sayana often behaves demonstratively, imperiously, although she herself is an affectionate and sensitive girl. She can be trusted, she is very sociable, so she is always surrounded by friends who tend to follow her. She always knows how to diversify her activities, showing interest in the games of her brothers and sisters, because she needs action no less than dreams.

Sayana often seeks contact, union, and is always ready to cooperate with others. She tends to be interested in other people and their success because she has a deep sense of humanity, a spirit of brotherhood, and a keen sense of friendship. This girl is able to give advice, and many people look for support and comfort in communicating with her, which Sayana also likes, especially given the fact that she can listen and can be a good psychologist.

Sayana can be a great entrepreneur because she is pragmatic and has a strong practical sense. Often her behavior gives the impression of flexibility and conciliateness, although in fact Sayana is quite demanding, and success is very important for her. She seeks perfection, and sometimes the impossible. The tolerance that she maintains in theory disappears when it comes to her employee or friend, to whom she does not allow indulgences or loopholes.

Loyal, devoted to her friends, Sayana shows a sense of possessiveness and is jealous of them. In family life, the owner of this name can be charming, sensual, refined, often becomes a good hostess and a wonderful mother. She knows how to be irreplaceable.

Sayana is not indifferent to the lucrative side of their profession, and their most favorable social position will help them in this regard. She will be attracted to consulting professions, areas related to finance or economics, management. Or she will simply go into business related to sophistication (hairdressing, perfumery, jewelry) and comfort (real estate, furniture) and practicality (hygiene, gastronomy, food, industrial design).

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