SynonymsWilhelm, Uilliam, Liam, Ville, Uilles, Viliam
DiminutiveWil, Will, Willie, Willy, Bill, Billie, Billy, Liam

The name William is an English version of the German name Wilhelm. The name Wilhelm was created from two old Germanic words “willio” (will, determination) and “helm” (helmet, protection), that’s why it means “determined protector” or is sometimes translated as “strong-willed”.

This name came to England with the Norman conquest in the XI century, and this was the name of the first Norman king of England, William the Conqueror. Today, William is one of the most popular names in the English-speaking countries. In 1990 the name William was the fifth popular name in the USA. The short forms Liam and Bill became independent.

From childhood, William is an emotional and sensitive boy who really needs people’s attention. He feels the need to be loved and praised, he craves to be loved and to be the best for everyone. As he grows up, William’s character becomes more and more difficult. The boy, especially the one born in winter, becomes brave, honest, and determined, and people begin to take his hot temper for granted. He can easily get angry, but he doesn’t hold grudges.

William born in summer is more compliant while an “autumn” William has the best male qualities, such as bravery, determination, and initiative. At the same time, he is well-mannered with ladies and never allows to be manipulated.

William doesn’t like leaving his home for a long time, so he shouldn’t choose professions involving business trips and travelling. A man with this name will find manual work suitable for him. These men can also make good managers. William is reliable, honest, and determined, he has an eye for people.

As for his family life, William is a good family man. If William is born in summer, his first marriage often ends in a divorce as he gets married at the urging of his partner. An “autumn” William is more serious in the choice of a wife. He usually gets married only once. A “spring” William gets married late, searching for a perfect partner. When this man starts a close-knit family, he may have some brief extradyadic involvement, but he doesn’t consider it infidelity.

William is very attached to his family, he loves his children and wants them to get a good education. His home is his castle where he can have a rest from hard working days. William can be keen on chess, collecting stamps, or woodcarving.

William is a sociable and hospitable man. As a rule, he has lots of buddies. A “spring” William may be indecisive in his relationships with other people, but in fact it’s just excessive caution and foresight. A “winter” William makes a great friend. He can be too hot-tempered, but it doesn’t affect his relationships with his close ones. In general, William, no matter what month he was born in, is a kind and sympathetic person who understands people very well.

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