The name Liam is widely used in English-speaking countries. It originally appeared in Ireland as a short form of the name William, but then it became independent. Currently the name Liam holds high positions in the ratings of popular names for boys in the USA, the Great Britain and Ireland.

The name William is the English equivalent of the Germanic name Wilhelm. Therefore, the semantic meaning of the name Liam is close to the combination of elements of its counterpart: "will", "determination" and "helmet", "protection". The name Liam can be interpreted as "guardian" or "defender".

The owner of the name Liam is a complex person by nature. He is quite an assertive and hot-tempered man. This character trait gives him a certain magnetism, which he is not always fully aware of. It is difficult for Liam to express his emotions, and it often seems to him that he is not fully understood. Hence the unpredictability in the reaction to any word or action: it can be a violent outburst of emotions, and absolute indifference and dispassion.

Liam is hardworking, but he can go to extremes. He can forget about everything in the world, completely devoting himself to his work, and then nothing can distract him from his plans, even if the intermediate result does not bring satisfaction. Or it will be some kind of inconsistent work, when Liam will switch between tasks, trying to do everything and everywhere at the same time.

The owner of this name has good intuitive abilities. As a child, Liam wants to be the best, the most visible, spends a lot of energy to maintain this image and constantly thinks about his future. Parents should try not to upset him, but actively develop his communication skills.

Liam likes to shine and be admired, he enjoys the attention, but also wants to set an example to others, and does not hesitate to use his innate theatrical talents for this. He could even put on a wonderful show, posing as a strange, eccentric and unpredictable person.

In matters of the heart, Liam is quick-tempered, not particularly sentimental, but can be very generous with emotions if he is convinced that his authority is recognized and indisputable. He hopes that his beloved will show him care and attention.

Many career options will suit Liam. He will prefer professions related to power and money (management, business, finance, accounting, banking, police, industrial sphere). Liam can also choose a technical field (engineering, mechanics or computers), medicine or sports.

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