OriginArabic, Armenian

The name Narine has several versions of origin. According to the first version, the name Narine in Arabic means “light”, and in Persian it means “elegant”, “slender” or “pomegranate flower”, “pomegranate”. Therefore, such names as Nar, Gulnara, Anar, Narina are related.

According to the second version, the name Narine is Armenian, interpreted as “wife” or “woman”.

The owner of the name Narine is a charming girl. She loves to communicate very much, so she is quite talkative, always expresses attention and sympathy to the interlocutor. This is a curious and conversational lady that radiates the joy of life and a good mood. By nature she is an optimist, she has a light and cheerful character. She does not tend to get discouraged.

Narine is balanced and tends to mitigate situations, because she can't stand conflicts of all kinds. Therefore, despite her frequent passion for various things, this girl will always find time to settle disputes and reconcile everyone.

Narine has the art of persuasion. She can speak languages well, sing or even imitate. The girl will always strive for perfection, relying on her feelings and her own understanding of aesthetics and beauty.

She is a sentimental woman who takes everything to the heart. But she will take active actions only in cases when her personal feelings are hurt or when she understands that someone needs her help.

As a child, Narine is a mischievous girl, but any abrasion has a catastrophic effect on her – she needs the help and support of the whole family to bring the girl back to reality and stop from dramatizing everything too much. In the future, such attention to her person will have a positive impact on Narine's ability to find a common language with any interlocutor.

Narine is a creative person, so she is easily prone to distraction or entertainment and often forgets about her work. She is always happy to learn music or dance, enjoy various pleasures (from eating ice cream to a long trip). She has a sense of humor, she loves to laugh, loves to be a participant in all kinds of games.

But when choosing a life partner, the girl will be tormented by contradictions, how close the chosen candidate is to the ideal and perfection that she is looking for.

The family sphere can sometimes influence the choice of Narine's profession. She prefers creativity and freedom of action. Therefore, she will be attracted to professions related to aesthetics, art, travel, cooking or gastronomy. Taking care of others is also very important to her (being a doctor, a marriage counselor or a judge).

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