SynonymsGiulietta, Julie, Juliet, Julieta, Guilia

The name Juliet is an English one derived from the Italian name Giulietta, which was a diminutive form of Giulia. It comes from the Latin Julia, which was given to all representatives of the Patrician Julian family in Ancient Rome.

The name Juliette (and its analogues) is most often used in the UK, USA, France and Italy. The name Juliet became widely known all over the world thanks to William Shakespeare’s tragedy “Romeo and Juliet”.

The owner of the name Juliette is a very sociable woman with charm, spontaneity and sophistication. She knows how to charm, especially when it suits her interests. She can be very different: she shows kindness, helpfulness, shows enthusiasm, tact, but can also be overly impulsive, short-tempered and even rude. It often depends on her mood and motivation.

Indeed, when Juliette wants something, she achieves it using all the methods available to her, whether it's stubbornness or seduction. This woman does not like restrictions and loves traveling, adventures and games.

Juliette loves to lead and manage, she has a business acumen. Being a materialist, this girl is attached to the outward signs of wealth.

As a child, she is an affectionate and very attached to her family girl. Often, using extravagant behavior, she tries to attract the attention of her parents. Juliette wants to show independence and initiative from an early age, and when she does not get what she wants, she begins to resist and rebel.

In love, she will strive for perfection and will often be dissatisfied with the result, because Juliet is looking for the perfect man – rich, courageous, smart and necessarily beautiful. In her search real candidates will certainly yield to the desired image, because almost everyone will lack some required component – beauty, wealth or intelligence.

Juliet's professional search will be closely linked to financial success, which is why she often chooses a lucrative profession related to banking, management, economics, finance or sales. Juliet can also realize herself in a field where her individuality can manifest itself (creative professions, tourism, fashion and aesthetics).

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