OriginHebrew, English, Arabic
SynonymsAjla, Aile, Aila, Ela

The name Ayla has several versions of origin. This feminine name is very popular among Muslims. It has several variations of interpretation: “lunar“, “moon–like“, “moonlight“ (and semantic analogues as Ainur, Aileen, Ayana, Aiza, Aigul, Indira, Luna, Selena), “dawn“, “shine“ (with close meaning to the names Zara, Zarina, Zarema, Elena, Aurora, Roxana, Ella). Sometimes Ayla is used as a form of the name Layla.

According to the second version, the name Aila (Ayla) is one of the forms of the Finnish name Aile. It is used in Estonia, Norway and Sweden.

According to the third version, the name Ayla is a Hebrew name, translated as “strong as an oak tree“. This name is an alternate transcription of Ela.

The name Ayla is gaining popularity among the Americans. In the USA, the name appeared since 1987. One of the reasons is the 1986 film adaptation of the novel «The Clan of the Cave Bear“, where the main character bore this name. The continued popularity is probably due to the fact that the name contains fashionable phonetic elements “ay“ and “la“. According to the data for 2021, the file name occupies the 108 position, and the popularity of this name is only growing.

The owner of the name Ayla is a strong–willed, enterprising, active and brave girl. She tends to lead and command, she likes to impress and attract attention to herself. Therefore, she prefers to be different from everyone, to be original at least in something, sometimes this is transferred to the external manifestation of her emotions – her look is arrogant, looks down on the rest.

Ayla despises mediocrity, she is not created for minor roles. Consequently, she does not tolerate failures that cause her bitterness, envy or bitterness. Fortunately the owner of this name knows perfectly well how to use the opportunities that open up before her, and quickly uses them. She is sensitive to luxury, appreciates jewelry, furs, and is fond of luxury and expensive cars.

In addition, Ayla is impatient, and as a result, irritable and intolerant. As a girl, she sometimes shows indecision, pride and receptivity, but as she grows older, the traits of tyranny become more pronounced in her, she becomes more withdrawn, it is difficult for her to share with her brothers and sisters, especially considering that she likes to have a secret from everyone and not share it.

Although she is interested in material and concrete spheres, but also, in a contradictory way, she is attracted to the spiritual world. She likes periods of solitude or solitude in complete tranquility, when she spends time in reflection, meditation and intellectual enrichment.

In love, Ayla does not allow her feelings and emotions to manifest. In this state, she is especially mysterious and elusive. First of all, Ayla strives for a community of views or interests, so she is extremely selective in choosing a partner or friends. Having intuition, she becomes a good psychologist. But, knowing her husband thoroughly, she still expects him to guess what is important and interesting to her now.

Ayla prefers to attract attention to her person, so she often chooses sports, a career in creativity, politics and journalism as professional fields of activity.

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