OriginGerman, Hebrew, Greek
SynonymsElle, Ela, Ellen, Eleanor, Elina, Eliana, Elvira
DiminutiveEllie, Elly

There are different versions of the name’s origin. According to one of them, the name Ella means “dawn” or “light” in Greek. The name Ella is widely used in a lot of English-speaking countries (England, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, etc.).

According to the second version, the name Ella has Norman roots and is a short form of the Germanic name Alia, which is a component of some Germanic names meaning “other”. It can also be translated from German as “all” or “whole”.

The third version says that the name Ella means “goddess” in Hebrew (Ela), so this name isn’t used among religious Hebrews. However, this name can also be translated as a “pistachio tree”, which makes it more or less possible for Hebrew parents to give their daughters this name.

Also, Ella is a short form of the name Eleanor, which means “God is light” in ancient Hebrew or “compassion” in Greek, as well as of the names Ellen, Elina, Eliana, Elvira, and Isabel. The Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna of Russia was called Ella in the Western world.

The name Ella can also be a hypocoristic of other names, such as Gabriella, Eleanor, Mihaella, and Elfrida. Some of the name’s hypocoristics, including Lesya, Lora, Nora, and Elya, are also official given names.

From childhood, little Ella is surrounded with her parents’ attention and care. The child becomes spoilt, capricious, and willful. The girl enjoys spending time with her father.

At the age of five, Ella starts to show such character traits as calmness and good sense. She is always surrounded with friends. She likes performing at different celebrations in her kindergarten and she is always willing to get the leading roles.

As for the character, a “winter” Ella takes after her mother, but she’s trying to be closer to her father. The girl enjoys watching serious movies. She is very curious and she always asks a lot of questions, which drives her mother crazy.

Ella likes being with boys. She has more friends among boys than girls. She is cheerful, active, and friendly. Sometimes she acts without thinking about consequences, so you can’t always rely on Ella.

School is not a problem for this girl. She has excellent marks almost in all her subjects. Ella shows particular interest in humanities and has a pronounced aptitude for exact sciences. She doesn’t like helping her mother about the house.

The choice of university and future profession is a long process for her. To make use of her skills, she finds a job right after leaving school. Ella is responsible, she easily copes with her duties. Ella is not a workaholic, but she can overcome laziness. This woman likes to spend time daydreaming. She devotes a lot of time to her friends and acquaintances. After graduation from university, Ella may find her chosen profession disappointing and start looking for a job in another field of activity.

A woman with this name likes communicating and easily finds common ground with other people. Spending time at noisy parties brings Ella pleasure. She often visits other people. People love Ella’s kindness and sympathy. At the same time, this woman is forgetful and light-minded. She can break her promise or forget about an important meeting.

Ella has a wide range of interests. She read a lot. She’s keen on mythology and philosophy, she is an expert in art. She often visits museums and exhibitions. She is not really interested in household chores and she can’t cook. In her parents’ house, Ella’s mother and father do everything for her. When Ella gets married, she unwillingly takes over the household duties. Family life isn’t often happy for a woman with this name.

It takes a lot of time for Ella to grow up. As for starting a family, she takes it slow. Ella is a pretty woman and she attracts men’s attention. In her early youth she remains just friends with all her admirers. Later, she starts to treat relationships as a game. This woman becomes a good wife. She loves her husband and children, she takes care of them and always devotes her attention to them.

A “summer” Ella has a strong personality. Being a real social climber, she enthusiastically goes towards her goal. She seeks to achieve a lot in life and does her best to do that. She overcomes all obstacles and goes for success. She is conservative in her views.

An “autumn” Ella is usually compliant. She rarely expresses her opinion. She is calm and gentle, she makes friends with everyone and often follows the leader. Ella’s honesty prevents her from being mean to other people. There are always a lot of men around her. She gets married more than once.

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