SynonymsEleanora, Eleanore, Elenora, Elinor, Elnora
DiminutiveElla, Lore, Lora, Nora, Laura, Lola, Leo, Lala, Liora, Alice, Ellie, Elea, Elle, Ellie, Elly, Nelly, Nonie

The name Eleanor has several versions of its origin. According to the first version, the name Eleanor is of ancient Greek origin, derived from the word “eleos”, meaning “mercy”, “compassion”, so the name is translated as “merciful”, “compassionate”.

According to the second version, the name Eleanor is a modified version of the pronunciation from the Old French language of the name Alienor, which consists of two parts “ali” (“other, alien”) and “nor” (negation of something). Therefore, the name Eleanor can also be translated as “not yours”, meaning “own”.

Diminutive addresses to Eleanor - Nora, Ella, Lera, Laura, Lola, Lena, Lelya, Lesya, Leo, Lala, Liora, Alice and Elya are also independent names. And most of them are also used in relation to such names as Elvira, Valeria, Larisa, Elena, Olga, Eliza.

The name Eleanor was worn by many aristocrats of the Middle Ages in many European monarchical dynasties.

Eleanor creates an aura of mystery around her. This is a mature woman who is not subject to strong emotional outbursts. All her emotions, emotions, she is able to keep to herself, inside under a big lock. Various twists and turns, unexpected news, she tries to take calmly, putting on a mask of indifference and coldness.

Eleanor has an analytical mindset, she criticizes a lot of things and is skeptical about most things. She has a well-developed intuition, Eleanor is constantly engaged in self-analysis and self-improvement. These abilities help her to understand people well, to notice various details and not to make rash actions. Her rationality, logic and consistency can play a cruel joke with her, because for most people around her, Eleanor will look like a narcissistic, selfish, principled and meticulous woman, but it will not be so in reality.

Eleanor is very independent, knows how to hide her feelings. Behind its materiality lies a subtle soul that wants understanding, warmth and affection. Eleanor does not show her feelings to people, but in fact, she deeply experiences everything that happens. And so you can often see two complete opposites in the same woman: she is both an altruist and an egoist.

Even as a child, Eleanor tried to be modest, often hiding from everyone, showing restraint in emotions. She does not share her experiences with her parents and peers, so many people consider her very closed, they do not communicate with her much. Parents should develop social skills and a sense of solidarity in their daughter, try to communicate more with other children, find common interests, and spend more time together.

Eleanor likes to be unusual, aspires to be part of groups and communities that share the same ideals or beliefs as her. She is attracted to everything unusual, strange, paranormal, Eleanor can be deeply involved in religion. A girl with this name is a dreamy and sentimental person, but she can easily be disappointed: the reality she invented does not coincide with the existing world. Therefore, very often Eleanor is convinced that no one understands her.

The professions that Eleanor chooses require clarity and responsibility. Often the owners of this name become doctors, social workers, judges. But it happens that Eleanor also chooses an original profession, she is interested in politics, becomes a director, actress, sculptor, artist-where she can express all her ideas.

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