OriginEnglish, Arabic, Irish
SynonymsNorah, Noor, Noora, Nour, Noura, Nur, Nura, Honoria, Honora, Eleanor, Nurah
DiminutiveNoreen, Norene, Norie

There are different versions of the name’s origin. According to the first one, Nora is an English and Irish name derived from Anglo-Norman Honoria or Honora. The name Honoria or Honora (Onorata) comes from Latin “honor” that means “honor” or “respect”, that’s why the name Nora can be translated as “honorable” and “important”. In Scandinavian interpretation it means “cold”.

According to the second version, the name Nora is a short form of the name Eleanor, but it’s used as a hypocoristic of the names Minodora and Noyabrina. The name Nora is also an official given name.

The name Nora (Nurah) can also be found in Arabic where it means “light”.

A girl called Nora is a vivid, friendly, and sociable person. People find her very charming, but Nora doesn’t want to share her thoughts with everyone, and she rarely lets someone in her inner world. A girl with this name is skilled in talk on almost any subject, but she can also easily sidestep any tricky or provocative question. When Nora is nervous, she can be rather straightforward in her judgments.

Nora wants everyone to like her. She looks after herself and prefers presenting herself as a successful and well-off woman. For this reason, she seeks a well-to-do husband with a high position in society. She never refuses anything, and she loves comfort and luxury.

People may see Nora as a proud, even quite selfish woman. Many would say that she is really egoistic. However, her firm intentions, her determination, and standing her ground are a result of her upbringing. From childhood she is taught to get her way not by whims, but using her will and the ability to manipulate people. In this, Nora is second to none.

Nora is very independent, but she is still dreamy and romantic. Nora is extremely optimistic, always cheerful, and has a great sense of humor. She is invited to all parties and guest nights because she can turn any boring evening into a funny and interesting event. However, Nora can be a betting woman, so she should be distracted from that kind of entertainment and directed towards acquisition of knowledge and certain useful skills that will come in handy in her future. But it won’t be easy since Nora is easily influenced by ideas, but she doesn’t always get the job done because she quickly switched over to a new idea.

Nora is a very artistic person, sometimes even vanguardist. Her true plans are elusive, and she is attracted to everything that’s non-standard. She dismisses stereotypes. Nora can be deeply sympathetic and emotional, but she will never show her true feelings, preferring to hide them deep inside.

At the same time, Nora is a highly pragmatic woman. She has a flair for business. She can concentrate on teaching or try the commercial sector and feel comfortable in any of the fields. She has a flair for languages, she likes singing and dancing, and she often takes part in theatrical performances. Such professions as reporter, journalist, or actress are suitable for her. She can also find a job related to travelling, advertising, or event management where everything changes and develops quickly. She really doesn’t like participating in one event for a long time, preferring to change it for another.

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