SynonymsHelen, Helena, Gelena, Elina, Ilona, Elona, Ilina, Alena, Ileana, Elaina, Elaine, Elayne, Elen, Elene, Ellen, Eleni, Elin, Helene, Yelena
DiminutiveLena, Elin, Ella, Ellie, Lenie, Elle, El, Hela, Heli

The name Elena is of Greek origin. The translation of the name is ambiguous, most likely means “chosen one”, “light”. Also, the name Elena can be interpreted as “torch”, “fire”, “light”; “bright”, “sparkling”, “shining”, “brilliant”, “sunny”, “lunar”, “fiery”, “chosen”. There is an opinion that the name Elena correlates with the concepts of “sunbeam” or “sunlight”, “shining light” and the name Elena itself is a derived name from the name of Helios, the Sun god in ancient Greek mythology.

According to the second version, the name Elena is connected with how the Hellenic Greeks called themselves, so the name Elena means “Greek woman” in translation (keeping in mind the differences in the pronunciation of the name in different countries).

The name Elena is most often associated with the ancient Greek heroine Helen of Troy (Spartan), because of which the Trojan War broke out, described in the epic of Homer. In the Christian tradition, the Holy Equal-to-the-Apostles Helen of Constantinople, the mother of the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great, is especially revered. The great ruler of Kievan Rus, Olga (Grand Princess of Kiev), was baptized under the name Elena (in 955).

There are various variants of the name Elena used in various European countries – Gelena, Helen, Helena, Elina, Ilona, Elona, Ilina, Alena, Ileana.

The abbreviated form of the name Elena – Lena – is also an independent full name and can be used independently of the name Elena. The commonly used diminutives to the name Elena – Elin, Ellie, Ella and Eleonor - have also become independent names.

Baby Elena loves to listen to fairy tales. Keeps somewhat apart, especially among peers, lives his inner world. She is very trusting, but when someone takes advantage of this quality of hers and deceives her, Elena will definitely punish the deceiver, showing at the same time extraordinary resourcefulness. Elena's kindliness is not active. She can put her eye on a homeless puppy on the street, bring it to her, but if her father and mother demand to get rid of this "dirty lump", she will not show firmness and obey.

Elena easily gets carried away with any business. Trying to knit, stitch, embroider. She likes grace in things. He teaches lessons from time to time, but, having a good memory, he does well at school. The character is more like Dad. Mobility and love of sports are the distinctive features of such a difficult nature of Elena.

Elena is sociable, receptive and gullible. It is distinguished by a well-marked spirituality and increased excitability. Although the girl does not have a special sense of humor, she calmly and not critically perceives the opinions of others.

As a woman, Elena charms and attracts. A girl has an innate sense of beauty. Like a delicate flower, sunlight is needed, it needs warmth and affection. However, as they sometimes say, laziness was born earlier than Lena. She often puts things on hold. The girl's thinking is rather synthetic – she is not attentive to details. Elena is curious, talkative and remembers well everything that comes into her field of vision.

Elena keeps somewhat aloof from other people. She lives immersed in her inner world, which is her happiness. Despite such secrecy, Lena is caring and attentive to her loved ones. In life, she is cheerful and optimistic. Others see her as smart, quick and warm-hearted. However, in fact, the girl is an introvert. In her own world, where jewels, palaces and lavish receptions live, Elena is most comfortable. On the one hand, the constant existence in her own world makes a girl lie and invent, and, on the other hand, makes her completely indifferent to the outside world.

Elena deserves the title of “Miss Sincerity”. She trusts everyone, but for those who have abused her trust, she will never forgive. All her life, the girl struggles with her laziness, and this becomes the main engine of all her achievements. Elena is kind, but not active in doing good deeds.For men, Elena is extremely attractive. Many are captivated by her charm and are ready for anything for her. She excites with great force, captures her fans entirely. However, only a male father who calmly tolerates her antics can become her life partner. Love in Lena's soul often appears together with suffering for someone who needs help, but she will most likely not respond to hot love with the same passion.

Between the rich and those who need help, Elena will choose a second husband for herself and, sacrificing herself to him, will demand the same from him. Lena does not allow work and hobbies to become more important than her husband, but she does not completely immerse herself in the family. Although Elena is a homebody and a caring mother, diapers and everyday life will never be in the foreground for her. She expects to see comfort and tranquility in the walls of her house. Lena lovingly gives him a beautiful look. Being a stay-at-home mom, she often enjoys quiet, domestic pursuits, like knitting or embroidery.

Elena is very good at communicating with people, so her profession should be connected with this. So she will achieve maximum success. However, she is not a fan of rushing to work at the crack of dawn, it's better for her to sleep longer. In addition, she is always interested in everything related to the beautiful. Therefore, often her choice falls on the career of an artist or a model.

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