SynonymsLaila, Leila, Leyla, Lela, Leyla, Lila, Lilah, Lyla, Leilah, Lilit, Lilia, Lejla
DiminutiveLila, Lay, Lyla

The name Layla (Leila) has Arabian roots and can be translated as “darkness” or “night”. This name is very widely used in the Eastern world and much less in Europe. In its meaning, among the descendants of the Turki this name is similar to the names Lilia and Lilit.

A girl named Layla likes the attention of other people, so she will try to attract it in different ways, either by whims or praiseworthy discipline. She doesn’t like being sloppy, that’s why she’s always tidy and neat.

Layla born in winter is more severe by nature and also extremely touchy. Her pride doesn’t allow her to be defeated even in the most trivial and insignificant “battle”; she would argue about any trifle at the slightest pretext. Her grumpiness and envy can scare people away, although Layla is honest and doesn’t do dirty tricks behind their backs. She always expresses her intentions and opinions openly. She is highly ambitious and seeks recognition.

A girl Layla born in spring is less hard on herself. She likes sleeping and being lazy. At the same time, she always tries to be a role model for other people. Punctuality, obligation, and fidelity to principle are Layla’s typical features. She is always ready to help, she doesn’t like to be lied to, but she can lie herself if she’s sure about her rightness and pure thoughts.

Layla is a good housewife. Her house is always clean and tidy. She doesn’t put her feelings on a display, but deep inside she’s picky in the choice of a partner. Life with Layla is not easy and careless as she constantly makes demands to her husband because she likes order in everything.

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