SynonymsSelene, Selina
DiminutiveSeli, Sely, Selly, Lena, Lene

The female name Selena comes from the name of the Greek goddess of the moon, Selena, which literally translates as “moon”. A common interpretation is “lunar”. The following names have also the same meaning: Indira, Luna, Aysun, Aylin, Ayla, Aiza.

The name Selena can also be interpreted as “light”, “splendor”, “radiance”, “flame”, which makes it close in meaning to many female names. In a broad sense, such names as Helen, Lucia, Clara, Saule, Liora, Zuhra, Faina and others are considered as similar.

The name is widely used in Europe. Affectionate appeal of Lena is also an independent name and a short form for the names of Selena and Elena. There is a version that derivative names appeared on behalf of Selena, which later became independent – Salina, Zalina.

The owner of the name Selena has an assertive and decisive character, she is full of fighting spirit, does not lose her courage and fortitude. She is direct, frank in her directness to demonstrativeness. She gets angry if he feels that she has reached certain limits, but she really appreciates his independence.

Selena has a responsive, sincere, active interlocutor in her communication, but her intolerance and uncompromising attitude can confuse those around her, and her rigid principles, at times, even repel people. This is a talkative, curious girl. She loves sports, enjoys extreme activities.

Selena loves a society where her sharp and critical mind, her ability to talk and her indefatigable enthusiasm are valued. She loves change, novelty, especially loves travel. Not indifferent to the material side of life, sensitive to external signs of wealth, while the girl herself is generous.

In personal relationships, Selena also shows her directness and intransigence, she can’t be called soft and flexible. Her uncompromising attitude also extends to fidelity in love - for her this is one of the main foundations, and Selena can turn into a tigress at the slightest suspicion of a partner.

Selena chooses her profession in management, finance or healthcare. She prefers commercial activity, personal business, especially those areas where business trips, negotiations with partners or search for new solutions are required. Creative orientation (actress, singer, artist) is one of the types of her own career ladder.

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