SynonymsLoona, Louna, Lunette, Lunella, Lunia

The name Luna can be either female or male. Currently, it is more common as a female name, but continues to be used for men. If we compare the frequency of use, then Luna as a surname is used more often than as a first name.

The name Luna is of Latin origin, literally “luna” is translated as “moon”, also interpreted as “lunar”. Among the Romans, the Luna was a goddess personalizing the satellite of the Earth. The ancient Greek goddess of the moon is Selena.

Derived names also appeared - Lunette, Lunella, Lunia. The Lu and Lulu diminutives are also used for the names Louise, Lucius, Lucille, Lucillian.

The semantic meaning of the name Luna corresponds to the names Indira, Aysun, Aylin, Aiza, Lunar, Selena. The Turks have many names containing the semantic part “ay” (“ai”) with “moon” meaning (Aygul, Aynur, Aysel, Ayla and others).

Being used as a surname, Luna may have a prefix, for example, de Luna or Deluna.

There is also the name Lunolika (Lunalika), which can be considered as the one of Slavic origin because it is formed from two semantic roots “moon” and “face” (meaning “light”). Therefore, this name is interpreted as “like the moon”, “like the light of the moon”, “light of the moon”, which is close to the name of Luna meaning. But a similar name did not exist among the ancient Slavs. The name was formed from the adjective "moon-faced" and is considered as invented, although it is possible that you can meet a real person with that name.

The name Luna is used for men as a second or third name among Catholics.

As a child, the Luna is a charming and sweet girl who is susceptible to the atmosphere in the house. Various upheavals or strife in the family can confuse her and lead to isolation, a feeling of loss and make her go into her inner world of dreams. Therefore, the parents of the baby should awaken the independence of the girl from an early age, teach her various communications and a balanced assessment of reality.

The owner of the name Luna has a good intuition, people consider her as a strong individual and a deeply humane and altruistic person. She has her own idea of what a better world is, and this girl is always ready to make efforts to make this world a reality.

The creativity and great inspiration does not lead her thoughts and desires to public recognition and fame. She prefers to create for herself and her world, but she will accept external recognition with favor and will be glad that this happened. Her high aspirations and ideals are not very well adapted to everyday reality, many people perceive it as “on their own mind”.

Luna is interested in social affairs, the activities of various organizations, social sciences. She should beware of the dangers of dogmatism and fanaticism if she is carried away by any of these areas. Luna always seeks to cooperate with other people that show an unbiased opinion.

In love affairs, Luna is a sentimental and romantic girl who sees in her lover only good features, not noticing his flaws. In order not to be disappointed, she should learn to perceive reality in a realistic aspect, and not through the prism of her own expectations.

Luna is quite feminine, and motherhood will bring her great satisfaction. But in addition to the role of the parent, she will be occupied by her personal development and the contribution that she wants to make to the development of mankind by any other means.

The owner of the name Luna has a real chance to achieve great success. Her view is usually focused on a social or artistic orientation. Therefore, she could choose the profession of a teacher, psychologist, sociologist, consultant, social worker, pediatric nurse, midwife, secretary. Among the creative professions she can choose to be an artist, musician, actress, singer, graphologist. A political career is also possible. Of course, Luna can simply decide to devote herself to her family and become a loving and considerate mother.

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