SynonymsEliya, Eliyahu

The name Elijah is an English form of the old Hebrew name Eliyyahu meaning “My God Is Yahweh” or also “believer”.

Elijah is artistic, ironic, and many-sided. He is introspective, although he can be sympathetic to other people as well. Elijah is a teacher and adviser. He will tell and show everything to anyone interested, but he opens his soul only to the chosen ones.

In a company of people Elijah is cheerful and sociable. He easily communicates with all kinds of people, and he isn’t confrontational. The family is always the top priority for this man, although sometimes he can forget about it for a short time because of his friends’ advice. He can only be repelled from his family and close ones by their coldness and disdain, which he can’t stand.

Elijah is hot-tempered, but he calms down quickly. After a quarrel he regrets his lack of temper. It’s typical for him to get on his high horse, but he keeps his heart under control. Before proposing to a woman he loves, he will prepare everything for a good life together. Elijah’s impulsive actions often lead to failures and disappointment. He can overcome them thanks to his forgiving nature.

Elijah has great intuition. He can correctly appreciate the situation and, having done that, make the right decision and set a goal. However, different nuisances often prevent him from achieving his goal.

Elijah is clever, he has a good memory and he can analyze the events from different points of view. He isn’t very picky in his choice of friends. The creative potential of this man mostly depends on how much he is in love. He is very attentive, gentle, and caring with his chosen one.

It’s important for Elijah to be spiritually close with the woman he chooses. Then he will be able to see her true value. Family becomes the most important thing for him. He loves his wife eternally and he is incredibly gentle and kind with his children.

Although Elijah usually seeks a job that isn’t related to organizational activities, sometimes the profession chooses him itself. You can meet either a doctor or a teacher with this name. Whatever job this man chooses, he will most probably rise to eminence in this field. It’s better for Elijah to work with a colleague whose character traits complement his own character.

Elijah’s sense of ownership shows from his childhood. He prefers to organize both his games and, later, business on his own and then takes full responsibility for the results. Elijah rarely has his head in the clouds, he needs certain results. He is kind and well-meaning by nature, but he doesn’t hesitate to openly express his discontent. Partly because of this, it’s not always easy for him to fulfil his plans.

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