SynonymsSimonne, Simona, Cymone

The name Simone is derived from the Hebrew name Simon (Shimon) that is an analogue of the name Simeon. It means “listening”, “heard by God”. The name is not mentioned in the Catholic and Orthodox calendars, but it is actively used among Christians.

The owner of the name Simone is a very energetic and incredibly sociable girl. She seeks to prove herself as a very unusual girl. For everyone she gives the impression of a confident and strong woman, however, she isn’t very confident in herself and she compensates her vulnerability by ease of expression, activity, enthusiasm and cheerfulness.

Simone is a wonderful actress, she knows how to convince. She can charm and attract the attention of others. She is optimistic, rarely sad. Her curiosity extends to everything that exists. Simone may be interested in a hundred subjects at once, but details do not engage her much.

This is a smart and creative girl who will always find a way out in various situations, but it may not be optimal each time. Her personal life and professional career are strongly influenced by her emotions and established relationships with certain people.

As a child Simone is a very mobile girl who loves any activity. A sharp mind allows her to learn quickly and never get bored so Simone will find something to do for sure. If she is not sure that something makes sense, she will fill her time with entertainment. She will do well in such activities as dancing, drawing, and foreign languages, but in all areas she needs an additional support and encouragement for the girl to achieve a significant success.

The owner of the name Simone is a creative person who always looks for the company of others who knows how to make friends and values friendship very much. She is an attentive listener and many people appreciate that. This girl can be torn between the desire to become noticeable, successful and, at the same time, not to break away from everyone, to be like everyone else. The same type of conflict is possible when Simone has to choose what is more important for her – a professional career or dedication to her family.

With such a mobile character, she will probably choose a career with a preference for sales or marketing. Therefore, Simone may be interested in professions related to communication (commercial representation, journalism, public relations, teaching or lecturing at a University), as well as a presenter, singer, actress. Independence will be an important factor to choosing the profession.

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