SynonymsJohnathan, Johnathon, Jonathon, Jonatan
DiminutiveJon, Jonny, Jonty, Joe

The name Jonathan is widely used in English-speaking countries, mainly in Great Britain, but it has old Hebrew roots. In the Bible there are several characters with the name Jonathan or Ionathan. In old Hebrew it means “God has given”. The name Jonathan can be spelt in different ways: Jonatan, Johnathan, Jehonathan, Yonatan, Yehonatan.

In France Jonathan will be pronounced as [ʒɔnatɑ̃n], in Germany, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, and Netherlands it’s [ˈjoːnatan], in Sweden and Norway it’s [ˈjuːnatan], and in Spain it’s [ˈhonatan]. The short form Joe is used for many other male names (Joseph, George, Jocelyn, Giovanni, or Joel).

Men with this name are usually incredibly adapted to life thanks to their personal qualities. Any Jonathan considers achieving success his essential life principle, he strives for fame and material welfare. Jonathan’s character dances to the music of these wonderful words. They follow any road that leads them to their goal with determination, skillfully overcoming doubts and crises typical for other people. These traits show themselves from the early childhood, so Jonathan finds his vocation before others do, and he firmly believes in his strength that rarely lets him down.

As a result, Jonathan is often unfair to stupid and unscrupulous people. But you can’t blame him as he really dislikes them and can’t treat them in any other way. Sometimes this may lead to serious conflicts even if there is no good reason for that. However, such outcome is a rare thing so you shouldn’t be afraid of Jonathan in advance and avoid him.

You may think that Jonathan is like a human machine for hard work and determined “production”. But it’s not like that. The men with this name are deeply emotional and capable of sincere feelings, even in the most ecstatic and critical states. Still, these emotions are usually hidden from other people deep inside and are constantly under control, which is not easy at all for Jonathan. But if it’s necessary, he can show his feelings. It’s especially impressive when Jonathan is bursting with intimidating manly power that amazes anyone who is lucky to see it.

However, such frightening outbursts are rare and can only be seen in a critical situation. In everyday life Jonathan is a very kind and generous person. It’s especially obvious when someone needs his knowledge, and he is extremely knowledgeable thanks to his amazing curiosity. And when it comes to money, Jonathan is also the first man you should turn to as he will gladly share the results of his success with you.

Surely, his kindness and generosity are mostly revealed in his family. With them he is an incredibly honest and open person, willing to sacrifice everything for the woman he loves and his child. Marrying Jonathan, you won’t have to worry about money since you will have a lot of it and live large. This is because Jonathan always brings the “cream” of his money home as quick as possible, willing to indulge his close ones. Well, it’s not just “cream” but also the rest of the milk jar and even enough for butter because Jonathan is capable of earning considerable sums of money.

Due to his infinite loyalty to the close ones, Jonathan can’t tolerate infidelity. He will never cheat, and he will be beside himself with rage if his wife cheats on him, which he will never forgive. But if you’re as loyal to him as he is to you, he will be a gentle and thoughtful family man, willing to give you everything he has and do so with great imagination.

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