The name Ilnar is formed from a combination of the Turkic “il” (“country”, “people”, “native land”) and the Persian “nar”, which has various interpretations.

Translated from Sanskrit, “nar” means “courageous” or “strong”, as well as “man”, from Arabic – “fire”, “flame” or “light”. Among the Turks, this element can be interpreted as “brave”, “strong” or “camel”. The camel in Asian countries embodies royalty, nobility, is an example of vitality and endurance.

The owner of the name Ilnar is not devoid of a certain charm, but he does not always use this advantage. He prefers to win thanks to logical and subtle judgments, using innate intelligence. He is a reserved person who, although sociable, does not like to talk about himself and prefers some secrecy.

Ilnar knows how to prove himself a dynamic and strong-willed man. He is gifted with great power of persuasion, he is able to manage and be a leader. He has well-developed organizational skills and he does not want to be just a performer. Ilnar is hardworking, he is ready to put a lot of effort to achieve his goal.Ilnar has a practical nature, his analytical abilities help him make verified decisions. This man is prone to skepticism and criticism. Sometimes Ilnar puts a note of humor or irony into his words although many people may not understand this and take his humor for sarcasm.

As a child, Ilnar is independent, perhaps even too much. He can often be found immersed in his books, he prefers solitude to unwanted company. It is worth developing the concept of cooperation in him, because in the future it will serve him well.

Ilnar likes a quiet environment to study and reflect, he is often interested in science. In personal relationships, the owner of this name is restrained and hides his interest in the beloved girl behind a facade of coldness. This is a very demanding man to his choice but if he manages to find his soul mate, then it will be a faithful husband who is ready to share everything with his chosen one. In the search for a companion Ilnar relies on common intellectual, cultural or spiritual attachments.

Professions that may suit him are most often associated with a scientific or technical orientation. Ilnar will prefer a managerial position or give preference to his own business. He also copes well with creative professions, such as actor, artist, designer or an architect.

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