SynonymsMilada, Milena, Milica, Milana, Militsa, Mildred

Mila is a Slavic name derived from the root “mil” (meaning nice, lovely), that’s why the name is translated as “nice”. In modern times, this name is not only an official given name but also a related name to many female names with the same single root, such as Milena, Milana, Militsa, Milusha, Milada. The name Mila is often used as a hypocoristic of Slavic names with two roots, such as Miloslava, Milolika, Milomira, Milovzora, and others.

The name Mila is often used as a short form of some female names containing the element “mila”, including Ludmila, Tomila, Camilla, Miloslava, Radmila, Dobromila, etc. There are also some male names that have a hypocoristic Mila: Milan, Dobromil, Vsemil, Milyutin, and Miloneg.

The Slavic name Mila is written with one “l” and it shouldn’t be mixed with Milla that is similar to the name Milica used in former Yugoslavian countries, including Croatia and Serbia.

In the USA, where Mila is not considered a short form, it became popular as an official given name. But it’s possible that it is not related to the Slavic origin of the name. In the USA it could appear as a short form of the name Mildred.

Mila is a sociable and friendly girl, nice to talk to but a bit shy and modest. She is often torn between caring about other people’s needs and her wish to be appreciated and considered the best. Cheerful and full of enthusiasm, she is usually also rather impatient and whimsical.

This is a girl with a sharp and critical mind, great memory, and intelligence. She has a flair for foreign languages, and she knows exactly how to use her charm and persuasion to achieve the desired results. She is quite curious.

In childhood, Mila is a very emotional girl who is greatly influenced by her family. She has plenty of imagination, and she makes up different scary stories. She can become an introvert, especially if she doesn’t get enough love. Later Mila would spend hours talking to her friends on the phone.

Mila will be the focus of attention at a party with friends and will prove herself to be an amazing housewife, a delicate, smart, and naughty one. Romantic life and motherhood are very important for Mila. Nevertheless, this girl won’t necessarily be town between her family and career, she will find a middle ground.

Mila chooses professions based on interpersonal and communicative skills (trade, sales, public relations, advertising) and also such professions as teacher, lawyer, secretary, or writer.

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