OriginLatin, Greek
DiminutiveBastian, Sepi, Seppo

The name Sebastian comes from the Greek “sebastos” meaning “highly respected” and “sacred” or from the Latin “Sebastianus” meaning “from Sebastia”.

Orthodox Christians and Catholics worship Saint Sebastian, a Roman legionary who served emperor Diocletian. He was a loyal Christian but the emperor order to execute him by tying to a post and shooting him with arrows. Sebastian survived and came to the emperor again to speak for his faith. He was stoned to death by Diocletian’s command.

Catholics believe that Sebastian the martyr is the patron saint of doctors, soldiers, archers, policemen, bookbinders, gardeners, and sportsmen, and he is also the patron saint of Serbia and the cities San Sebastián (Puerto Rico), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), and Palma de Mallorca (Spain).

Sebastian’s main character trait is stubbornness. He seems irresponsible and careless, but in fact he’s firm and impulsive and he knows exactly what he wants from life. This man follows his dreams, and you shouldn’t stand in his way. Although lazy and irritable, Sebastian has a lively but extremely selfish character. The most important thing in life for him is himself, his desires and dreams.

This man is an extravert, he is not afraid of threats and he doesn’t listen to people’s requests, although he has a strong need to be loved. Sebastian wants to be the first in everything, and failures can throw him off his stride for a long time. A man with this name is envious and unforgiving. His love and hate develop slowly, but it takes a long time for them to disappear as well. He has great powers of intuition, he is responsible and reserved. He shows himself as a strong-willed man in his communication with colleagues and in his professional activity. Medical professions are suitable for him. He is especially interested in alternative therapies. Sebastian can become a good gynecologist as well as a surgeon, a researcher, or a scientist, if he learns to observe work discipline. He can try himself as psychologist thanks to his insightfulness and great intuition. Generally, all Sebastians have a good memory, and it’s very important for them to choose the right profession. Only then they can achieve success in their career.

Sebastian will be a great husband and a caring father. Still, he is very hard to live with. A Sebastian born in winter is very egoistic, touchy, and stubborn, which often causes conflicts in his family. This man needs a woman who can pretend that his wish is her command. In his turn, he will surround her with care, love, and gentleness. A Sebastian born in summer is even less lucky in his family life and he usually gets married twice. He wants to be an uncontested leader in his family life and he’s ready to give his life for this right.

This man is very sociable and has a great sense of humor, he loves telling jokes. However, he is a bit uncomfortable when there are a lot of people around. This is especially true for a winter Sebastian. Arguing with him is almost always useless because he’s extremely stubborn. His friends and family know about his touchiness and stubbornness, it’s very easy to strike his nerve. Even if Sebastian gets offended, you should just leave him alone for some time, and he will forget about it much quicker. Communication with this man should be based on self-control, logic, and kind humor.

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