SynonymsSamuli, Sam
DiminutiveSam, Sammie, Sammy, Sami, Samu

The name Samuel is a modern version of an old Hebrew name Shemuel (Shmuel) meaning “God heard”. This name is widely used among the Hebrews but the are also different forms of it used by other nations.

Europeans use the name Samuel, in Russian it’s Samuil, in Armenia it’s Samvel, and the Muslims use the name Shamil.

Samuel can be characterized as an objective and clever man who has a heart of gold. Willing to achieve more in life, he doesn’t allow himself any weaknesses. His main character traits are activity, will, morality, and open-mindedness. Samuel is also energetic and somewhat selfish.

In his early ears Samuel is more of an active and lively child than a diligent one. He likes different games, and his range of interests is so wide that it’s hard for the boy to choose one of them. Despite his curiosity and agile mind, he may have some troubles with studying during his school years. But in the end Samuel catches up with his peers and quickly absorbs the knowledge he missed.

His parents shouldn’t fight their son’s restlessness by punishment. If they do, the boy’s agile mind will suggest the bypass routes, and this way Samuel will learn how to be deceptive and cunning. Persuasion and appeal to conscience won’t do any good either. The only way is to equip him with the right interests, then there won’t be any problems.

During his school years Samuel becomes a diligent pupil and student. His parents don’t have to give him a direction as this boy is rather responsible when it comes to the choice of his future. If the boy doesn’t become used to deception and slyness during these early years, he may become rather successful. He’s ambitious and gradually he learns how to make efforts in order to achieve his goal. His lightning-speed thinking and great imagination will be especially helpful in his career. He can achieve success in creative professions.

Although Samuel is rather hard-working, he isn’t fanatically eager about it. He sets a certain task and completes it. This man chooses a profession based on its social significance. Samuel has vast knowledge that he obtains thanks to his good memory and analytical mind. He can see any problem as a whole and make the right decision based on his view. His willpower also helps him in solving problem, although he shows it only if absolutely necessary. Great success is waiting for Samuel if he chooses a career where competence and unselfishness are highly important.

Samuel is of high moral standards. In his life and work he will never do anything contrary to his conscience. Although this man is hot-tempered, he rarely indulges his wishes and temptations. When he gets married, he becomes a good husband and a demanding but affectionate father. This man has a rich inner world, which makes him an outstanding person.

It's hard not to notice Samuel’s tact and balanced state when you communicate with him. He is sensitive and kind to all people but doesn’t fall under their influence. You shouldn’t even try changing his mind about something. Communication with Samuel has a very good impact on people. This man is not aggressive at all. His friends appreciate his sense of humor and optimism. Problems may arise only if his interlocutor offends his self-esteem.

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