SynonymsMiya, Mija, Maria, Mary, Mariah, May, Mae, Minnie, Molly, Mollie

The name Mia is one of the versions of the name Maria used in such countries as the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, and the USA. With time it became an officially given name. In 2013, Mia was the 7th most popular girl’s name in Australia. In this context it means “bitter”, “desired”, or “untroubled”. Mia is a Japanese name meaning “three arrows”.

Mia is also a hypocoristic of such names as Emilia, Amelia, and Solomia.

A girl with the name Mia is very persistent and has strong personality. She enjoys being the focus of attention and she does not mind inflicting herself on other people, although she does it with charm and style, so Mia rarely gets a sharp refusal.

Mia is a proud and vain girl, she is looking for perfection and does not flee from responsibility. Mia wants to be the best in everything she does and she can have a high sense of her importance, she gets offended and irritated when people do not believe in her success. Mia always feels when people don’t understand her, however, it doesn’t influence the amount of effort she puts into achieving her goal. Mia has such undeniable advantages as activity, independence, determination, and generosity. She is a reliable and totally honest person.

In fact, there are two opposite tendencies in Mia’s character and behavior. She can be a sensitive idealist showing self-sacrificing generosity, but she can also become deeply egocentric. These tendencies are usually interconnected and can lead to very controversial relationships, either for the better or for the worse.

Being a little girl, Mia is already willing to become the center of the universe, and if she can’t achieve excellence at school, she will probably express this wish in the development of a melodramatic and eccentric personality. The most important thing for Mia is not to go unnoticed. She is proud of her uniqueness and brightness, and she resents her parent’s interference.

Despite being extremely active, sometimes Mia needs to hide in her inner world of dreams. Enchanted by other worlds, she likes embellishing her life with poetry, music, and something fascinating. Mia enjoys travelling, especially to some faraway places. A girl with this name is romantic, although she never admits it. She dreams about meeting a prince and living happily ever after with him. Unfortunately, reality can be different from her dreams, so it is possible that the chosen partner doesn’t live up to her high expectations.

Mia has such an individualistic character that she prefers independent professions that give her plenty of rope. Most often, these are artistic, esthetic, or creative professions (stylist, designer) or the ones related to articles of luxury (fashion, furs, jewelry, perfumery). Also, Mia is always glad to take up a leading position in order to be useful to people (social work, law, healthcare, PR).

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