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The name Andrew translated from the ancient Greek name Ἀνδρέα means “manly” or “brave”. It can also be translated as “man” or “person”.

Christians have the most revered saint with this name, Andrew the Apostle. He is one of the first disciples of Jesus Christ and the brother of apostle Peter. He was crucified in the Greek city of Patras on an X-shaped cross. This symbol was called a “Saint Andrew's Cross”. You can see it on the Russian Navy flag. Among the Catholics, Saint Andrew is considered the patron saint of Scotland, Burgundy, and Sicily.

There is also a name Adrian widely considered a form of the name Andrew, but it has another version of origin.

Andrew is always the life and soul of the party. His ability to get on well with other people helps him to have a good thing going in life. On the outside, you may think everything comes naturally to him, but in fact, Andrew goes out of his way to achieve the desired results. And it’s not because he’s lazy or unlucky, but because he doesn’t believe that the results of his hard work are the consequences of the efforts he made. He’s a bit doubtful about his own significance and he has low self-esteem, that’s why Andrew hides when he’s among a large number of people – so as not to feel awkward with his own company.

Andrew has a great imagination. But, as it often happens, his inner world is extremely complicated. He likes being among people and he likes solitude, he knows how to joke and play tricks, but he also won’t mind staying on his own and thinking. He’s full of ideas and willing to share them with everyone one second and concentrated and busy solving some problem the next. One of his favorite toys is construction set.

A man with this name is rather calculating. Throwing dust into people's eyes and presenting things in a favorable light – that’s what helps him to achieve something significant in his life. Andrew is not the one who stands out in his work team, but for some reason his boss always remembers about such an employee.

He is quite egoistic, doesn’t listen to what older people say and what advice people offer. He’s unpredictable, full of himself, and enjoys calling attention to himself. And to do that, he uses all the tools he can, including jealousy, blackmail, and scandals.

At the same time, Andrew is a cheerful and positive man. Everyday routine and home life are not for him. Andrew loves his family, but communication values are slightly more important for him than family values. He can unselfishly help a stranger, sometimes even to the detriment of his own family. Andrew never forgives an offence.

A lot of men with this name born in winter prefer creative professions (director, actor, artist, singer). The autumn men with this name become good businessmen.

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