SynonymsNoe, Noach, Noa

The name Noah in translation from the Hebrew language means “comforting”, “soothing”, “pacifying”, “peaceful”. This is one of the most famous biblical male names. This name was born by a direct descendant of Adam, who, following the command of God, built an ark on which he saved not only his family during the flood, but also many other living beings. And the family of Noah became the successor of the human race on Earth.

The name Noah is a popular male given name in Australia and the United States. In the United States of America, this name suddenly became interesting since 1993, and then rapidly, within 10 years, reached the top 30 ranking of male names. For 10 years, it has been ranked as the 1st or 2nd most attractive male name for Americans.

There is a female Hebrew name נֹעָה (No'ah), which is written either as Noah or as Noa. In English, this name is usually written identically to the male biblical name Noah, but has nothing to do with it.

The owner of the name Noah is a man who is bubbling with vitality, inquisitive and in love with life, discoveries and adventures. He likes to take risks, loves to communicate and is a pronounced extrovert. Having communication skills, the gift of persuasion and the natural ease and speed of adaptation help him to find a common language with people.

Noah prefers brightness in life, the unknown, and enjoys the risks and hidden opportunities. Nervousness from the anticipation of upcoming events, this man tries to cure constant activity, an abundance of trips, as well as sports. His impulsivity can develop into irritability, especially if the impatience is very great. Noah needs other people, although he looks very independent and self-sufficient. He needs them to feel the world in colors.

As a child, this boy finds it difficult to sit still. He prefers mobile, but tricky and intellectual games. His mischief and intuition, fun and talkativeness always help to find playmates and interests. Noah quickly gets carried away with any idea, without thinking through the details, immediately starts to implement it, without seeing the limitations and difficulties in the implementation. His tendency to exaggerate and his vivid ability to express himself set him apart from other children, but this does not hurt Noah, he feels like a fish in water.

The owner of the name Noah is a sensitive and receptive man to other people, loves to cooperate and has a broad outlook on life. They may be driven by high aspirations, sometimes utopian, which may push them to participate in political or humanitarian areas. Despite his self-sufficiency, Noah is dependent on his surroundings. In sentimental terms, this man is gentle, sensitive and knows the female soul well. In addition, he is a charming and obedient partner, but very vulnerable to pressure and pressure.

Noah does not choose a profession at his first desire, he carefully weighs all the pros and cons before choosing an occupation. Noah often chooses creative activities (singer, actor, presenter) or activities related to communication (teacher, journalist, writer, merchant). Or else travel becomes his main brainchild and Noah chooses an occupation related to this area.

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