The name Noa is a female biblical name. In the English transcription, it is written as Noah, which is identical to the male name Noah. The Hebrew feminine name Noah means “movement”. This name is mentioned in the Old Testament, it was borne by one of the daughters of Zelophehad, who died during the journey of the Israelites in the wilderness.

The girl Noa is calm and reserved, at times somewhat arrogant and distant. Undoubtedly, she is a serious and deep person, but at the same time shy, honest and conscientious. She has excellent moral qualities. Patient, balanced, disciplined, determined, Noa is nevertheless an anxious and insecure woman. He doubts his own abilities and tends to withdraw into himself. She is not afraid of loneliness and will always prefer a secluded holiday.

She has few real friends, and only those whom she has deemed worthy of her friendship can truly join her. Not very spontaneous or demonstrative, she is nevertheless hypersensitive and emotional, but she covers it up with her coldness. Her ability to control her own emotions is often mistaken for insensitivity. So Noa gets the impression that she is not understood, but she is a proud girl and does not like to show her vulnerability, she would rather act alone than ask for help from others.

A rational and pragmatic approach helps Noa to stand firmly on her feet, she relies on reason and logic. This is a hardworking girl who shows herself to be a perfectionist, neat, thrifty and serious person.

As a child, Noa is often too wise and responsible, and it may happen that she obeys her parents' wishes too much because she has a sense of duty. For this reason, it is useless to use power or restrictions that would have a retarding effect in this already scrupulous nature. Noa will guard her personal world and personal space jealously, don't force her to succumb to the invasion of her brothers or sisters, she will take care of her personal belongings like the apple of her eye.

The owner of the name Noa loves simplicity, naturalness. She has a romantic soul, she dreams of living in peace and harmony with those she loves. She has a merciful heart, and is sensitive to poetry, music, miracles, and travel. Her sentimental soul will seek to find the ideal in love. It is possible that she will be more interested in platonic love, which will allow her to live in fantasies.

Noa will be satisfied if she feels that her life has meaning. She will be particularly attracted to professions related to medicine, law, justice, and the judicial system. But she will also be interested in administrative professions, occupations that require precision and care, as well as professions related to land, flowers, and animals.

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