SynonymsKhadeeja, Khadijah, Khatija, Khatijah, Katijah, Khadeejah, Hadja, Hadia, Hatice, Hadice, Tijah, Khatije, Khadige, Khatje

The name Khadija is a Muslim female name, with Arabic roots, means “baby born ahead of time”, “born before time”. There are various spellings: Khadeeja, Khadijah, Khatija, Khatijah, Katijah, Khadeejah, Hadja, Hadia, Hatice, Hadice, Tijah, Khatije, Khadige, Khatje.

Khadija bint Khuwaylid was the first wife of the Prophet Muhammad. Muhammad received his first revelation 15 years after their wedding, and she was the first person to convert to Islam.

The owner of the name Khadija is an unusual and even a little mysterious person. She is active, dynamic and adventurous, loving freedom and adventure. She is somewhat nervous, despite the fact that she tends to think a lot. She has a touchy and reserved nature, although she can give the impression of a sociable person.

Khadija may seem isolated, full of skepticism, criticism, and very similar to an independent marginal. She often puts herself in the background, while not feeling superfluous in the world. Anyway, she is also a woman who needs action and movement, and who does not hesitate to ask herself questions. Her mood is changeable, as is her ability to act. Freedom is an inherent value, so she lives without restrictions, because loneliness does not frighten her.

As a child, Khadija could seem uncontrollable, unable to sit still, an impatient girl. Unsociable, restless, but she could be calmed down by establishing a dialogue with her and answering all her questions. If the restless and precocious side prevails, it will be necessary to make sure that it is well informed in various life issues.

Khadija likes to think outside the box, she is attracted to the original or avant-garde. She values peace and tranquility, dreams of living in a secluded place, but with all the benefits of our civilization. And emotionally, in Khadija's personality, one can meet opposite types of behavior that can follow one another: celibacy and an ascetic life, or a life full of adventures, where freedom is always present, with constant questioning and great speed, both in love at first sight and in breaks.

Two main types of professional orientation can be found in this complex woman: research professions, where reflection prevails, or professions that require a calm environment (work in nursing homes, libraries, scientific or technical professions). Mobile professions related to travel, sales, advertising, transport or sports will also appeal to her.

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