SynonymsDomenic, Dominick
DiminutiveDom, Nic

The name Dominic is widely spread in Europe. It is of Latin origin and literally means “belonging to God”.

Dominic is a nice and sociable person, not lacking in certain charm. He’s used to relying only on himself and his own efforts, and he always takes full responsibility. Dominic enjoys offering advice, but he really cares about people around him.

Dominic is a friendly and polite person, preferring harmony and beauty in life. Helpful and peaceful, a man with this name is tactful and prefers diplomatic approach. He can be called a gentleman.

Altruistic by nature, he considers his friends’ happiness as important as his own. He has a strong sense of justice which can make him furious, and this is practically the only thing that can get under his skin. Dominic is observant, he has an analytical mind and a knack for details, which helps him to master the art of deduction. Dominic is not without pride and perfectionism, and his willpower mostly depends on the level of his motivation.

In childhood Dominic can be rather charming, he’s kind, attentive, and well-mannered. He will be a great elder brother, defender, and thoughtful mentor. He hates conflicts and aggression. Dominic gets very nervous and anxious when things don’t go as planned. Comfort is extremely important for him.

As for personal relationships, Dominic is rather demanding and always gets what he wants. He is ready to manipulate people if necessary because he understand how hard it is sometimes to achieve results without pressure. Although Dominic prefers straightforward and honest relationship, he can get in extra trouble because of his tendency to take full responsibility.

When it comes to choosing a profession, Dominic prefers the ones requiring accuracy and attention. He often finds his vocation in medicine or law, psychology or some other professions, such as jeweler, dentist, or lawyer. He is also no stranger to artistic and esthetic professions. He can take up family business or property management.

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