The name Ayaz is a Muslim name of Turkic origin. Translated from Turkish and Azerbaijani it means “frost” or “dry and cold air”. The name is translated as “clear” or “cloudless” from other Turkic languages.

The owner of the name Ayaz is an energetic and enterprising man. He has a certain charm and knows how to use the opportunities that open up to him. He knows how to convince and when he wants something, he shows determination and stubbornness. Ayaz is a somewhat vain man, sensitive to flattery. Despite the fact that he has a sharp and critical mind, he does not always understand jokes.

Ayaz is curious; he is interested in a variety of topics that he does not always delve into, hence their superficial understanding. He is confident in himself, sometimes even shows complacency, which makes it quite easy for him to succeed where he is not a professional. Ayaz is one of those people who will always know how to behave, despite a lack of knowledge or experience.

Ayaz adheres to morality and principles but he does pious deeds not consistently from time to time only. He has practical intelligence and he is very good with his hands. Ayaz is often an excellent financier, loves the world of business and money.

As a child Ayaz knows how to show his best side and charm. Quite gifted he turns out to be a brilliant student if he is supported, controlled and motivated.Ayaz likes to have fun and laugh and does not always take life seriously. The owner of this name is prone to pleasure. He is full of enthusiasm and has a lot of energy, he likes to feel a sense of freedom in all areas because he does not accept any restrictions. This man loves action, movement and adventure that help him to experience various emotions and sensations when traveling. The enemy of monotony, he is not created for an ordinary measured life.

Sentimentally, Ayaz is possessive and jealous. Sometimes he may not seem very delicate even if he can show real empathy. He is not very loyal himself, he often demands loyalty from everyone else.

Ayaz will be attracted to careers related to finance or business, technical professions (automotive and industry) or activities related to travel, entertainment and games.

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