SynonymsAleema, Aliemah, Alimah

The name Alima is a popular Muslim female name, being translated from Arabic it means “knowledgeable” or “learned”. The paired male name is Alim.

The owner of the name Alima is an energetic and active woman who gives the impression of a strong and confident woman. She has a certain magnetism, so people are drawn to her. But not everyone can see that behind this dynamism, enterprise and determination lies a gentle and fragile person, very sensitive and generous with emotions. Alima carefully hides this side of her character, demonstrating authority to people.

Various difficulties force Alima to resist them. She has a very sharpened spirit of contradiction, which sometimes leads to completely different results that she would like to get. Being, in fact, an individualist, she still very often needs other people, especially in order to realize herself. Therefore, she willingly works in a team, where she necessarily strives to achieve the position of leader. She has an innovative mindset and she thinks a lot about what changes she can personally bring to the world around her.

Alima is a pragmatic person, focused on concrete achievements. She values material goods, and is not at all disinterested in financial matters.

As a child, she is a cheerful and inventive girl. So proud and impressionable that she struggles to take first place, stand out and be better than everyone else. If this cannot be achieved, then rebellious behavior manifests itself very strongly. It is necessary to direct her desire to achieve goals in a sporting direction, where with her spirit of contradiction she will be able to achieve success.

Alima knows how to appreciate the beautiful. She likes to be looked at, admired, and she is not averse to having close admirers with her. This girl is all elegance and sophistication. In love, Alima is an emotional and jealous nature, but despite a certain egocentrism, she is a caring girl and does not forget about the interests of her companion, especially at those moments when their desires coincide.

The professions related to finance (management, banking, accounting, hotel business) seem to be the most attractive for Alima. Work related to management and administration also attracts her, because there she has a chance to take a leadership position. A sports career is always to Alima's liking. She will also be able to find herself in creativity (theater, cinema, singing, cooking).

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