OriginEnglish, Greek
SynonymsTiffanie, Tiffani, Tifanie, Tiphanie
DiminutiveTiff, Tiffy, Thea, Tea, Nanie, Nany, Thifa

The name Tiffany is the English version of the female name Theophania (Epiphany) that comes from the ancient Greek name Theophanes (Θεοφάνης), which has two semantic roots: “theos” (θεός) - “god/deity” and “phanis” (φαίνω) - “shine”, “appear”, “show”. There was the religious holiday in ancient Greece (in Delphi) named The Epiphany. Therefore, the name Tiffany is interpreted as “the epiphany”.

There are other related female names that appeared from the same semantic root (Theodora, Theone, Dorothea, Theodosia, Thekla). The related male names are Theodore, Fedot and Timothy.

The affectionate appeal to Theophany - Thea - is also an independent name.

The owner of the name Tiffany is a mixture of opposing characters that can turn Tiffany into a “double” woman, who sometimes can suddenly switch from one style to another. This duality accompanies the girl throughout her life.

Tiffany is very independent, courageous and decisive. Her activity and authoritarianism in decision-making can lead her to unexpected events in life. But under a pomp of independence and self-sufficiency a very vulnerable woman is hidden. Tiffany can mask her vulnerability by arrogance, pride, egocentricity and external hardness. She will always take care of herself however you can expect a support and participation from her if you are really need it.

All this confusion and mixture of egocentrism and altruism, at first glance, turns the owner of this name in people eyes into a closed and aggressive lady. Her generosity and sincere concern for others are not obvious since Tiffany does not notify the whole world about her good deeds. Her kindness and open heart are only for those who really need it.

As a child, little Tiffany loves games in the company, prefers to run, jump, and not sit in the sandbox. Even the smallest adventure fascinates her, and the difficulties that appear on the way allow her to develop the independence and the ability to find solutions.

In a personal relationship, Tiffany prefers to be honest, direct and frank. Her devotion and love will be in everything that surrounds her chosen one. But she will be very vigilant and distrust, she will feel the deception immediately.

The owner of the name Tiffany will prefer the profession that will help to strengthen her financial position and will provide an opportunity to realize herself. A creative atmosphere will help her to satisfy all her needs (actress, singer, artist, designer). The desire to be useful will help her master the professions related to communication and helping people (medicine, education, law).

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