SynonymsTea, Teya, Teia, Theia, Theya, Theyana, Teyana

The female name of Thea is of Greek origin. According to the first version, the name Thea was originally a short form of the names of Dorothea, Theodore, Theresa, and later transformed into an independent name.

According to another version, the name Thea appeared as a derivative of the ancient Greek masculine name Theos (θεός), where the emphasis was on the last syllable. In this case, the name translates as “goddess”.

According to the third version, Thea’s name is derived from Greek “θέα”, where the emphasis is placed on “έ”. In this context the name is interpreted as “contemplation”, “sight for sore eyes”.

According to the next version the name of Thea appeared as a modern form of the obsolete name of Theophany (Theophania). Theophany in ancient Greece is a religious festival in the city of Delphi, which exhibited images of the gods. Therefore, in this embodiment, the name Thea means “epiphany”.

And one more version. The name of Thea appeared on behalf of Theone, to whom it was originally an affectionate appeal, and later became an independent name.All these versions are united by a single semantic root “theos”, which is translated from the ancient Greek language as “divine” with the interpretation – “close to God”. The name Thea was the one of titanide (daughter of Uranus and Gaia) in ancient Greek mythology. She was the very first moon goddess and mother of Helios (Sun), Eos (morning dawn) and Selene (moon).

Various female (Dorothea, Tiffany, Theophany, Theodora, Theone) and male names (Theophanes, Theodore, Timothy, Theodosius, Theon) have the close semantic meaning to Thea.

The owner of the name Thea loves to show herself from the best side, she is a little shy, but this does not prevent her from being open and sociable when she is in an environment that is pleasant to her and offers a comfort of communication. Caution and distrust towards her from others revitalize the girl, make her be active. In fact, Thea is rather withdrawn, inclined to keep her problems to herself. She does not like to bother others with her problems or difficulties.

Thus, the appearance of this girl can contrast with her deep personality. She seems simpler than she really is. Although she is sociable and expresses herself with ease, both in oral and in written speech, Thea will not be able to fully open up, protecting access to her essence and inner world.

Her emotionality is strong, but suppressed or controlled to such an extent that sometimes the girl is criticized for being cold or insensitive. This leads her to embarrassment, she runs away from the world, although recently, as it seemed, she enjoyed and had fun in society.

This girl is regularly tormented between the desire for stability, security and interest in difficulties, where only a job well done has the importance. Thea is easily offended, she lacks self-confidence. She will remember the insult for a long time.

In childhood, a girl needs to be taught to share, to restrain her emotionality, to be able not to lose her own face, not to go about it. Her sociability is worth supporting by creating a comfortable emotional environment for her, and teaching modesty. Thea already in childhood manifests itself in an unexpected light. Likes to collect, but not to share.

Although Thea is shy, she likes to be a leader, to shine, to be in the spotlight. If, by chance, she doesn’t have such an opportunity, for example, in a professional environment, she will try get it in another way, most often experimenting with her own image, clothes or hairstyle.

In love, Thea shows selfishness, authority and possessiveness. She wants her beloved to belong to her and only to her, so that he always puts her interests above everything else. She wants attention, admiration, and love. Since Thea is not demonstrative and in general not particularly romantic, her emotional life is not always as clearly traced as her professional life.

Usually Thea will prefer a prominent profession, where the result of her activities will be visible. Most often it is a sport, theater or cinema. She will also be able to realize herself in advertising, public professions, where accuracy and the ability to communicate are required.

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