OriginHebrew, English
SynonymsAvelyn, Aveline, Evaline, Evalyn, Eveline, Evelynn, Eveleen
DiminutiveEvelina, Eveline, Evelyn, Evie, Evvie, Lina, Lynn, Linni, Linnie

There are different versions of the name’s origin. According to the first one, the name Evelyn is a Hebrew name meaning “vitality”.

According to the second version, the name Evelyn is derived from a French female name Eveline the origin of which is uncertain. This name might be a derivative of the name Eva.

The third version says the name has English roots. There is also a version that the name Evelyn was formed from a Breton name Avelyn, which, in its turn, was derived from an old Hebrew name Abel meaning “breath”. Another name, Aylin, which is also considered to be a form of the name Evelyn, was derived from this name, too.

A hypocoristic Eva is also a form of pronunciation of the name Eve. Such names as Lina, Evita, and Ava, hypocoristics of the name Evelyn, are considered to be official given names.

Evelyn’s character traits start to show at the early age. She knows no measure in her demands, but even as a small girl, she already knows how to seem fragile and defenseless so that her parents don’t have the heart to punish her. Evelyn doesn’t keep her emotions in check. Whether she is laughing or crying, she does that so sincerely that you can’t refuse her. As a result, Evelyn can become spoilt, which would have a bad effect on her future life.

Being a grown woman, Evelyn uses her emotionality to advantage. Depending on the circumstances, she can shed a tear or show joy if it is in her interest. Evelyn is very artistic, and it’s hard to suspect insincerity in her actions. Her emotions are quite real, although fleeting. They don’t touch to the quick and they leave no mark.

Evelyn is extremely vain. She is emotionally flexible and very determined. Although she is not strong-willed, it’s not a big problem for Evelyn. This woman can achieve success using her sensitivity and weakness. Evelyn is very touchy about her physical defects.

The lack of strong will doesn’t let her put up with the thoughts about her inferiority. In this case, her innate emotionality isn’t beneficial, and Evelyn suffers a lot. Self-improvement is unlikely as it requires self-control which Evelyn lacks.

To have a calm life, a woman with this name should learn to respect and notice other people’s interests and also become more patient. This way, she can start to feel deeper, avoiding plenty of misunderstandings both in family and social life.

Still, you shouldn’t rely on Evelyn’s emotions while communicating with her. Everything can change beyond recognition even on the following day. Only one thing is constant about her: this girl will always be greedy for compliments, gifts, and other favors.

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